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I'm on holiday up in the North of Thailand and enjoying it tremendously. I was talking to an expat local and they were telling me that the cost of cosmetic surgery is very competitive here in Thailand. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of having cosmetic surgery done here in Thailand and also where is the cheapest (cheap but safe!)place in South East Asia to get it done?Adventure

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There's a list of 22 cosmetic surgeries and clinics in Bangkok in our directory of businesses here in Bangkok. Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetic Treatments


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A friend of mine got a nose job done at the Siam Swan cosmetic clinic on Sukhumvit road and she was very happy with the job. You do have to be careful where you go.


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I had some minor work done immediately after I moved to Bangkok in November last year. I used the Bumrungrad hospital and was very impressed with the standard of the work and the environment.


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Hey Advent,

My niece had surgery with Dr.Pichet in Bangkok and was very happy. His prices were very low and he also picked her up from the airport etc. I think you might be able to contact him through this site:
Good luck!

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