Boiled Tap Water - Safe to drink?

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Does anyone know whether Bangkok tap water, if boiled, is safe to drink both for me and my two year old child?Ruud

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Sun-447304 1203111068

From my experience, I've been drinking the boiled tap water since I was young until now and it doesn't cause me any harm. Anyway, I got some info about the tap water for you. Here the link

Captain-447293 1203148363

I use boiled tap water for coffee, as far as I'm aware boiling will get rid of any bacteria if there is any. What you do have to be careful about is the state of the water tank, if there is one. If it's in a bad condition then boiling may not remove any impurities.

For kids, personally I wouldn't risk it and would just use boiled bottled water.


Thetyim 1203206615

If I remember correctly the water should be boiled for several minutes to kill all the bacteria.
It is hardly worth the effort when drinking water can be purchased for 10baht/20litres

Cinn 1203229413

What I know is the tap water in Bangkok has lower fluoride content. Fluoride is needed for tooth growing (especially children) and if I am not wrong it helps to prevent tooth decay. So, children who drink boiled tap water here are advised to take fluoride supplements which are easily to get in any pharmacy.

Ruud-447691 1203273663

I always use fluoride toothpaste so I guess this gives Pete enough fluoride? I think I'll stick with bottled water for him, but not be so careful for me. Thanks for the help.


CooperNZ-447416 1203327449

10 baht for 20 litres? Tell me more!

Angie-447194 1203424362

Your local shop should have the 10 baht/20 litre water bottles unless it's a 7/11! It's usually in a plain whitish bottle with a sealed top, quite often you can get them to deliver as well. The quality is variable depending on the company but it's all meant to be safe drinking water!


Thetyim 1203451457

I pay 10 baht for a 20 litre bottle of water and that includes delivery right into my kitchen.
I also get cases of 20 bottles for 25 baht from the same business.

I tried four businesses until I was happy with the water.
I hate water that is laced with chlorine as it makes my coffee undrinkable.


CooperNZ-447416 1203525183

Can you tell us the name of this business? Sounds geat!

Thetyim 1203544061

Most companies are small and I expect only deliver in a small area. Your best option is to look at your neighbour's bottles and get the phone number from there.

If not possible then these are four large companies but I expect they will be more expensive.

Boon Rawd (Singha): Tel: 258-7711
Aqua Fresh (a U.S. owned company): Tel: 729-4714
M Water Co. (Sprinkle Water): Tel: 712-7486
Siam Drinking Water: Tel: 322-8565

Ruud-447691 1203883514

Well, I have been drinking boiled tap water in my coffee every day for a week and no bad side affects, yet!


celtasia 1226535694

Who advises to give kids flouride? Do you know the risks of build up in the body at young ages?? do the research before you tell people such things...infants should not be fed baby feed mixed with flouride water as it has flouride already in it. The high dose can cause cancer, especially bone cancer with young boys. You need to provide a good diet and good care of teeth on a daily basis, that is the best way.

dont believe the hype

Cinn 1226587602

Hi Celtasia,

It was the dentist at Bumrungrad hospital who advised me to give my sons fluoride tablet if we are drinking boiled tap water in Bkk here. His name is Dr Wiwat, you can go and check with him. He is paediatric dentist whom my sons go for regular dental check-up.

The dosage for children aged 2 - 4 years old is 0.25 mg per day. The lethal dosage for children at that age of group is 320mg. Please refer to page 51 of:,M1

So what I wrote in my previous posting is not without any basis, especially I also have my medical degree and I am very - very careful with what I give to my children / sharing any medical information with others.

Cheers, Cinn

phil-450316 1230899823

Hi Cinn,

my humble advice: do not forge your opinion (only) on an advice coming from the Health or FDA kinds of lobbies (I know it sounds a bit funny but...)...

Have first a quick look at the following links:

Then make your decision.

Open your eyes...

Mary_E 1231094311

Hi all, this has gone a bit off topic as they don't add fluoride to the water in Bangkok. As far as the original question goes, boiled tap water is more than safe to drink in Bangkok! 1353962469

For Cinn - In fact you are wrong, flouride is an additive that only the USA believes the miss-information passed down for decades that is does anything good for teeth in children.  I was on an advisory board thorugh the Thai Ministry of Health some 18 years ago in Bangkok that turned down the notion of adding the poison flouride to drinking water at the BMA.  It is bad science that promotes this old wise tale, and mostly only Americans still do add flouride even in the USA.  It fact it has been proven that not only does it do nothing for fighting cavities, it causes dental florosis and lowers childrens IQ.  Do the research yourself.

sumarianson 1406602110

Fluroide is a toxic waste product and should not be in toothpaste or water.

I strongly urge users to see this link to inform yourselves

sumarianson 1406602261

Avoid Flluroide in any form, it is toxic waste: Inform yourself here:

sumarianson 1406602360

Please do not give your child Fluroide supplements they are toxic and an kill.

Inform yourself here:

jackwilson 1409615337

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James-Nardell-917575 1513757729

Boiled tap water would be safe for a young child. That said, I'd use bottled water if possible.

Check out a YouTube video I did on the subject of; 'Is Bangkok tap water safe to drink?' [I go through the best options to access safe drinking water].

rogiman 1594559962

I and another friend -both around 80 -have been drinking straight from the tap ! I checked cleanliness standards with the Bangkok water company and they showed me figures comparable to London water.No  problems  since i started 2 years ago.Have i been very lucky?(Ho Ho)Anybody else ?

noel-458706 1597430355

Why don't you just use the water machines that all apartment buildings in Thailand have ?  Is 1 Baht per litre too expensive ? 

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