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My husband has a bad back which is getting slowly worse. Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in Bangkok? Nora

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I hope someone will give you a personal recommendation, but failing that we have a list of chiropractors in Bangkok in our Bangkok business directory. Chiropractors & Physiotherapy


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Hello Nora,

I used DBC spine clinic last year with some limited success. Overall, I felt the treatment was good, but perhaps not as successful as it could have been, because of my lack of commitment with the exercise treatment they gave me to carry out at home.

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Thanks, any other suggestions very welcome, but the DBC clinic does look professional.


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Chiropractors, also known as doctors of chiropractic or chiropractic physicians, diagnose and treat patients with health problems of the musculoskeletal system and treat the effects of those problems on the nervous system and on general health. Many chiropractic treatments deal specifically with the spine and the manipulation of the spine.

Chiropractic is based on the principle that spinal joint misalignments interfere with the nervous system and can result in lower resistance to disease and many different conditions of diminished health.

Traditional chiropractic assumes that a vertebral subluxation or spinal joint dysfunction interferes with the body's function and its innate intelligence, a vitalistic notion that brings ridicule from mainstream science and medicine.

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Well I never knew that!!! And I just thought it was a fancy name for physiotherapy!

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HI, I have been seeing this American Chiropractor at Natural Therapies Clinic, His name is Dr Von Thatenhurst. Great Chiropractor, he really helped me.

I was looking online for treatments for leg pain and herniated discs, and found Spinal Decompression treatments. Dr Von offered this treatment. Very glad I went to see him.

The clinic details can be found here or 02-129-3099

Please tell him Thomas sent you.

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