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Hello.....I'm seeking views about what is the best treatment for a dental problem I have, it's going to involve root canal treatment and I'm tempted just to extract the tooth and be done with it. Surely this is the least painful and cheapest way to go. From what I've heard root canal treatment is extremely painful and is not cheap, even in Thailand? What would people advise? And any suggestions for which dentist to use where I might get an unbiased opinion on the best course of treatment?

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john in krabi 1224447619

Hi, my wife can't understand why I'll spend 30000 baht on getting root canal treatment done when she gets any problem teeth pulled out for a fraction of the price. I must admit I can't really explain's just what the dentist recommends!

Amy-448913 1224494519

Hi, as a point of reference we have over 50 dentists listed in our business directory Dentists & Dental Clinics Good luck with the treatment whichever you choose!


CrickIT 1224658373

Hello, I have had 2 lots of root canal treatment carried out and although painful, I have had no further problems since. If you pull the tooth out altogether I understand that it is possible to have complications and continuing issues.

Captain-447293 1224747443

I think the key is to find a good dentist that you trust. Once you are sure the advice given is based on best practise and not financial reward then you can be sure of what to do!

dobsonfamily 1224835059

Couldn't agree more that a good dentist is key....any suggestions?

palmoil-448572 1225227651

I have to disagree with Crickit, my experience is the exact opposite, my one experience with root canal work dragged on for almost a year and caused me a lot of pain until I had the tooth yanked right out. Since then nothing. Root canal treatment is a good way for the dentist to make money in my opinion.

CooperNZ-447416 1225273870

If I had had every tooth pulled out for which I have had a root canal, I'd have nothing left but a mouthful of gums...

dobsonfamily 1225284518

ok, looks like we have a few differences of opinions here! So I'll have to put my dental problems in the hands of a professional and I can't put it off much longer!!

Still waiting for any recommendations for a particular dentist?

freebe 1225380243

we always use DC One in yanakat and have been happy with both the advice and treatment


dobsonfamily 1225439952

Tks for that

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