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I have to get some root canal work done. Can anybody recommend a good dentist close to Asoke on Sukhumvit Road.


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Hi, as a point of reference you can find some dentists listed in our business directory in the Dentists & Dental Clinics category.

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lots of do you know which one to choose!

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The tiny canals contain the pulp of the tooth also commonly referred to as the nerve, which originates from the pulp chamber. Any trauma or infection of the nerve will result in the need for root canal therapy.

Your dentist will remove any remaining decay from the tooth and will decide to either put a temporary filling on to close the tooth or proceed with placing a permanent filling. If your root canal is performed by an endodontist; a dentist that specializes in root canals, he will place a temporary restoration and send you back to your general dentist for the restoration. Chances are, your dentist will recommend having a crown put on to the tooth. Since the nerve and blood supply to the tooth has been taken away, the tooth may become brittle over time, resulting in a cracked tooth. A crown is designed to prevent this from happening.

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Thanks for that, now I have some more information about the torture I've just been going through!

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