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Some friends are visiting soon and they have asked me to find a good value spa in Bangkok, I know about the more famous ones but they have a price tag to match! Any others that can do a range of treatments, they all want different things....and won't cost the earth!


angelgambrel-450784 1258967408

I think Urban Retreat (google it, there are several locations) is a great and reasonably priced spa.

Sassy33 1259051955

There's a good one in Yenakart called La Nature

Also reasonable have to keep away from the hotel spas if you want good value and stick to the smaller ones, there are 100s all over Bangkok. Almost as many as corner shops!

Jules_x 1259159070

Found urban retreat, both options look good.

I can now leave the decision to them!

Amy-448913 1259316820

Hi, as a point of reference you can find more spas in Bangkok in our business directory in the Spas, Massages & Health Resorts category.

Jules_x 1260439760

More options ... they'll be here next weekend so they will have to decide!

Scout-989790 1441715793

My friends recommended Su Esthetic Home Spa on Sukhumvit 26 - they're listed here - and it was really excellent massage. Check them out.


JohnnyR 1442314916

The Oasis Spa (2 branches) are very smart, some decent priced packages available


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