Lasik Surgery - Is it safe

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Has anyone any experience of lasik surgery. And if so where is a good place to get it done here in Bangkok?Jack

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Sun-447304 1196679761

One of the most well known eye hospitals in Bangkok is Rutnin on Asoke Road.

Marcus-447201 1196784064

We've got a list of opticians and locations where you can do Lasik surgery in our business directory;

From what I understand it is a safe procedure but you have to use a reputable surgery.


Justin-447214 1196939219

Hi I have wanted this done for ages but never quite got around to it!
An interesting thing I saw on the Tv the other day (ABC news I think)... in the US you can now buy special corrective contact lenses that you wear overnight for a period of time which actually reshape the cornea (like lasik does) dont know if its permanent but it means no glasses or lenses when your awake and no surgery.
Anyone know anymore about this?

Louise_Williams 1221410551

Hi, I've also been thinking about Lasik and would appreciate any comments or recommendations from anyone that has tried it recently.

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