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I'm coming to Thailand soon for a holiday and was thinking about getting a comprehensive medical check up? What is the standard of healthcare like? Are the hospitals clean? Can the doctors speak English? Does it take a long time and should I book in advance? I've heard that hospitals can be of an international standard in Asia, but I am not convinced. Perhaps someone can provide me with some local information?

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CooperNZ-447416 1204064169

Thre are several world class hospitals in Bangkok, all with US or European trained personnel. Service is instant and excellent.

Bongo-447671 1204073275

I used BNH, good service with very helpful staffs. I think this web can give you more details


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I've looked at the website for BNH and it does look satisfactory. It would be interesting to know if I have to book in advance or can just turn up and get a check up without making an appointment. That way at least I can change my mind at the last minute if I don't like the look of the place.

Kroy 1204790155

Most major hospitals have their own check up departments, so an appointment is not really necessary. You can just show up, register as a new patient (you only need your passport), and your check up will be done on the same day.

A couple of other hospitals for you to consider: Bumrungrad, Samitivej, Bangkok Hospital. If you want to combine a short holiday with your medical check up, consider going to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. Great and impressive facility.

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We have two information pages covering medical treatment and medical tourism in Bangkok and Thailand. You should find all of the information you need and also the links through to the main international hospitals in Bangkok. Health, Doctors, Hospitals and the Medical System in Thailand & Medical Tourism in Bangkok


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Thanks everyone. I'm convinced and will have a check up while on holiday. I appreciate the advice.

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Just wanted to let everyone know I had a full medical check at the BNH hospital today and was very impressed. Not only is there nothing wrong with me, but the overall standard of the hospital was excellent and all the staff very friendly.

Thank you for your advice. I will now enjoy the rest of my holiday!

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