Mosquito Click - does it stop the itchiness?

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I wanted to start a new topic about the Mosquito Click. It looks great, one click and all the itchiness goes ... but does it really work? And if it does work where can I buy it in Thailand?


geekgirl-453351 1291385285

Looks interesting but I've never seen one in Thailand to give it a try.

scorpion-455638 1291407056

Personally, I can't see how it works!

scorpion-455638 1294042285

Found out through a friend of a friend that it does work but you can't get them in Thailand.

geekgirl-453351 1294988310

A friend is off to Australia next month and she's promised to buy one. I'm looking forward to miraculous results!

scorpion-455638 1295373329

Suppose they might not work on Thai mosquitoes!

Bit of a cheek i know .... but I don't suppose your friend can bring back one for me as well ... if I send you some cash on Paypal?

geekgirl-453351 1295505497

Sure .. i've sent you an email .. please respond to my email address

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