Panic Attacks

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I suffer from mild to medium panic attacks and get Zanex perscribed by a hospital for this. However they only give me a strip of 10 each time no more, which means I have to go back to the hospital each time I run out. Is there anyway I can get more than this so that I don't have to keep going back twice a month which takes so much time.


silom jane 1404288984

Xanax is powerful stuff so hospitals unlikely to prescribe more than 1 strip at a time, now illegal to sell in drug stores here. Some dodgy places sell a generic version, would suggest keeping the monthly dr visits!

Jaz Goven EFT Practitioner and Trainer 1405936345

Just wondering what causes the panic attacks or what happened the first time you experienced panic. When you can get to the root of a problem you can often release the trauma thereby relesing the panic.

There numerous ways using energy psychology to start addressing the release of panic. I can advise further if you are interested

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