Place to do facial treatment?

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Anyone can recommend me a place to do simple facial treatment, like cleaning the blocked pores caused by comedo? Thanks. Cinn


Cinn 1195724871

Thanks Nedine. Any particular one that you have tried? I browse the link in your reply, but do not know which one to choose.... :))

Nedine 1195798832

Sorry, I haven't tried any of them yet, but I think that the link is very useful. Maybe someone else has had a good experience at one of them?Ned

Gina-447409 1195839503

I always go to the Cascade Club for a bit of pampering! Very nice and great staff.


Cinn 1195971763

Thanks Gina. Will give it a try one of these days... :))

Cheery_St. 1196247718

Hi Cinn, I always go to Pornkaseam Clinic at Siam Square, opposite Siam Discovery. From my experience, I think it's a efficient medical treatment. There are 14 branches over Bangkok. They have the English Speaking doctor on Wed-Fri. My doctor is Mr.Arnon comes every Wed, 12:00pm-8:30pm. Tel 02 658 4860-2.


Cinn 1196261541

Hi Cheery,

Thanks a lot for the info. Siam square is easy to access, I will go and check it out...

meg-447431 1196362724

I have lived here for 3 years and can not find better for beauty needs than Take Care (especially nails) the facials are fantastic they are located in Sukhumvit 33 and 19.

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