Plastic surgery clinics in Bangkok

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Looking to do a bit of reconstruction while on holiday in Thailand, but I've got no idea which plastic surgery clinic to choose. Obviously would like to get some recommendations from people that have been there and done it?

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Amy-448913 1257153451

Hi, hopefully you'll get some recommendations from people using the forum, but as a point of reference you can find a list of plastic surgery clinics and cosmetic surgeons in our business directory in the Cosmetic Surgery & Treatments category.

marwieya 1257903036

It depence , what kind of surgery you looking for?

I use several cosmetic surgery in bangkok, the results are beautifull.

So i can advise you if you want?

CooperNZ-447416 1257926470

I need upper eyelid surgery - any suggstions?

marwieya 1257990471

I did it few years ago , when do you go to bangkok did you already book your flight?

regards M

CooperNZ-447416 1258014776

I live in Bangkok

marwieya 1258045104


please check !

He is verry famous on movie stars , artist, singer etc they always going to this doctor, also me :-]

He is the best in thailand , i never had any complication afther my surgery, and the result are beautifull.

So if you want to go , let me know i can give you more information .

A Smith-453374 1258216510

Have you got contact details or a website.


marwieya 1258474934

if you want i will contact him , because i will meet him the next mont.

rainforest 1259675495

hi marweiya,

can you introduce me your plastic surgeon at Oriental Cosmetic Surgery ? what is their contact number & address ?

I want to remove the silicone in my nose, I did the nose reshaping few years back at Yanhee Hospital but now I decided to remove it because they did not do a good job.

I will be arriving in Bangkok on the 21-12-09, pls help, thanks.

marwieya 1259683149

if you want i can make an appoinment for you tell me ,

wich date you prefer , afther the day you arived bangkok

because i will meet him soon

rainforest 1260023313

Hi marweiya,

I'll be arriving BKK on 21-12-09, hopefully I can go for consultation on 22-12-09 and if everything is fine with me, I would like to remove it immediate if possible.

I need to consult the doctor something that is why I need their email address & contact number.

If i want to remove it, will both my eye swollen ?
How many days to recover ?

marwieya 1260210417

yes youre eyes will be swolen , i will seen him tomorrow and ask him .

And i can ask him if he is availble at 22 december ,and if he can see accept new patients?

rainforest 1260286202

Hi marweiya,

so how now ? You spoken to your doctor ? Are you ready to give me their contact number as well as their address & doctor's name so that I can arrange with them soonest possible, thank you very much.

Sarah79-453814 1265120342

If you're still interested I have used the services of Bangkok Makeovers. You stay with the girl Rachel who runs it and she only uses one of the best plastic surgeons in Bangkok in the best hospital, she gets preferred bookings with him over anyone else. You stay with her and she takes you to all appointments, translates (if necessary), food at home, 24 hour care, etc etc. I know a lot of people who have used her (as well as me) as she is a small personal service and the plastic surgery results are AMAZING with her doctor. You can contact the girl who organises everything for her for more info or bookings at HTH

CooperNZ-447416 1265122008

I would like to hear from anone who has had work (particularly upper and lower eyelids) done at Samitivej. I had a consultation there with Dr Chartchai, but I didn't come away feeling very confident. Thinking of trying Bangkok Hospital. Any thoughts anyone?

papillon2l 1269197385

Hi marwieva!
Could y please give me the website, name, tlf & address of the cosmetic surgeon you use? I'll be in Bangkok next month and would like to have a face lift..
Many thanks in advance

lilys-454509 1275946686

Who did you use in the end?

squash-455066 1282745415

Hi I have seen your post and would also like to do some work on my eyes. I am South African but in Singapore till the end of February and would so appreciate any feed back you might be able to give me on the surgery you had. Look forward to hearing from you, Kindest Regards

squash-455066 1282745586

Hi papillon2l

So how was the face lift? I am really so keen but really worried as I am sure you can relate to this. I am South African but in Singapore till February and would so like to have some work done on my face and lipo, Its that age now.. grrr 48 and feel the need to turn back the hand of time a bit, any any help would be so appreciated . Kind regards and look forward to hearing from you.

Sportyspice-455071 1282850092

Having lived here for 5 years, many of my friends, including my Mum (twice!) hace gone to Dr Chartchai at Samitivej Hospital on soi 49. He does all sorts of cosmetic surgery including boobs, eyelids, chins etc and will be sure to do reconstructive. I personally know 6 expatriate women here who have had their boobs done by him and he is very careful to ensure that the work is in proportion to the woman's body. He is also a nice guy. He is considered to be the best.

Good luck!

Sportyspice-455071 1282850285

Really? I am surprised as my Mum had her eyelids done by him and thought he was fab. He also did a chin lift for her and she found him very competent and he is very careful. He is quiet, so perhaps that was what you didn't like about him. He is also the go-to man for boob jobs among expatriate women (not me but many women I know).

CooperNZ-447416 1303296000

Anyone anything new to say on the subject of eyelid work? Any favourite doctors?

julianau 1444662989

I got my Facelift done with Dr. Pichet of Bankok Plastic Surgery 6 months ago. The result is very satisfying. He has great skills in plastic surgery. His in-house facilities are forefront and hygienic. The staff at his hospital gave wonderful hospitality care (which I found Thai people in general have very kind and supportive character). Flying from Australia to get the surgery done and my holiday in Thailand is worth a trip!

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