Quality hair cutting in Bangkok

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Where to go for a quality hair cut for men, preferably not in a swanky shopping centre, but somewhere you can find a small entrepreneur working for himself who actually knows how to cut... Any thoughts anyone?

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tashwhiting 1223298081

Hi there,

My friend is a very good Hairdresser, she worked in a top salon in England for quite a few years. She can cut your hair at home or at hers.
Let me know if this helps.

Natasha W.

CooperNZ-447416 1223386125

Thank you for this. But for now I prefer to go out for a hair cut. Will keep yuor friend in mind, however, should all else fail!

Where do male readers of this site go for their haircuts?

McMallard 1223394612

I go to a place called Jib's Hair. He's pretty good and I've seen lots of male and female ex-pat in the Nichada Thani community visit his place. It's not a franchise place, but a nice place to get a great hair cut. He is the owner and the only hair stylist in his shop. His shop is near the Subway sandwich fastfood restaurant in the Nichida Thani housing community.

CooperNZ-447416 1223458198

Sounds good - but where is Nichida Thani?

McMallard 1223470793

it's not in the downtown area. It's rather far off towards nonthaburi. http://www.nichada.com/ check out the link for details. I'll post the contact number later. I don't have the business on me at the moment.

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