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I have a worldwide health insurance policy from the UK which will need renewing in a few months. Should I get my new policy locally or just renew the one from the UK?


Mary_E 1231094018

It doesn't harm to get a quote locally and compare the two?

Amy-448913 1231147527

Hi, as a point of reference there is a list of health insurance providers and brokers in our business directory Health & Medical Insurance

I hope this helps.


D James-450103 1231225435

will do...cheers

allankw 1231245486

Local Health Insurers will not cover any ailment which might, in any way, be considered a "pre-existing condition". Read the fine print carefully. Depending on your age and physical condition, you may be better off remaining with your UK insurer.

D James-450103 1231283389

does that include local branches of international companies?

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