Quitting Smoking

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HI, I'm going to try again to quit the habit, but have tried to find some patches locally but have had no luck? Also if there is anyone who has recently quit and has some good suggestions or positive encouragement I'd love to hear, anything to help!!!

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mayhasoc 1216925134

Friend who was a heavy smoker for 20 years, non filtered cigies, took Quomem for 2 weeks and managed to quit. Apparently it works as an suppressant...seemed to take away that nicotine craving...available as most pharmacist for under 1,500baht...Good luck

Jayne-448695 1217015916

Thanks, will have a look and probably give it a go.Not looking forward to it!

Golfer1-447188 1217084473

Good luck! Not easy...but possible!


Jayne-448695 1222028263

Been one month now and still counting the minutes...not sure how long this craving lasts?

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