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I’m at that stage in life when I need a bit of motivation and encouragement. At the bookshop I can see hundreds of these “Self-Help” books but I have no idea which are good and which are rubbish. Has anybody used a book that’s proven to be a real boost to low self esteem and energy levels?

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Hi Fran. Some really good books I read many years ago are Louise Hay - you can heal your life. Many of Wayne Dyer's. I've downloaded many audio books, which I find very easy to listen to, they are all free on bearshare com. 101 to transform your life by ways dyer, many from louise hay and deepak chopra, I'm sure you will find them helpful. Also try using positive affirmations in past tense like it has already happened.


This may sound a little strange and so simple how could it possibly work? But if you just try it and persevere, it WILL work, I promise. There is only one small thing you will have to do throughout and that is to stay positive and think positive! You must start telling yourself, in past tense, (like it’s happened) you are fit, healthy, happy, positive and each cell in your body is completely balanced. As you do this, you are re-programming your brain, to how it's thinking right now. Start each day telling yourself this and through the day any spare moments you have, keep telling yourself whatever you want to feel, (but the same each time). This is re-programming your brain and planting seeds, which you will soon see and feel the benefits of. What you are actually doing, is instructing your mind to carry out the orders you have given to it, the instructions are then passed onto your body. This is similar to self Hypnosis, but MORE powerful. Don't underestimate the power of YOUR mind, we are what we think!

Also smile (even if you don't feel happy) This sends out chemicals in your body similar to endorphins you produce when exercising. Keep smiling for about 5 minutes, telling yourself you're so happy and feel fantastic and so healthy. Sing that song, 'I feel good' (dur dur dur dur dur dur durrr, so good) as loud as you can. In the shower, in the car, hell wherever you like and smile at the same time (who cares if people can hear) If the neighbours ever saw me bopping around the house while listening to my music on the MP3, they'd be sending people to take me away in a straight jacket!!!! ("J)

After about five minutes of singing and smiling you really will be feeling a difference. Also wear plenty of yellow for the solar plexus (chakra relating to your emotions) when we are feeling low or a little blue wearing yellow around the chest area really will lift you up. Also looking at yellow in your environment, eating yellow. Also green for the heart chakra which is again related to emotions, stress, worry, blame, guilt and all the other destructive things we hang onto. Wear it, eat it, look at the colour. Your body will always tell you what it needs, its just that most of us don't listen to that and wonder why later down the line our health and well-being suffers. Colour therapy is a wonderful way to balance the chakra's (the energy centers of the body) When the chakra's are out of balance, areas in our life will also be out of balance

We take care of our vehicle’s and maintain them with services and place fuel in them constantly to maintain optimum performance. Yet each day what do we do to maintain our own bodies? We seem to think that they will continue to work efficiently and effectively each day without even once giving them a second thought, as though there is an endless supply and the next breath will be there without question. What measures do we take to provide our own bodies with the right conditions to enable them to heal themselves? Don’t put your health on the bottom of your to do list and start to listen to your own body. No one on this planet knows your body better than you. Look after number 1, because no one else will.

You came into this world a wrinkly little body and if you’re lucky you’ll be leaving a big wrinkly body. Make sure its well used and looked after.

You are an amazing, intelligent and unique individual, don’t ever forget that for one second!

Just a few things to remember.

The privilege of a lifetime is to be yourself.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

Don't believe in miracles; depend on them.

Gone to the beyond of becoming, you let go of in front, let go of behind, let go of between.

With a heart everywhere let go, you don't come again to birth & aging. Allow others to give you loving care.

Receive without guilt or apologies. Our mind is sacred space place for our thoughts to gather and spend time with angels

When you seek happiness for yourself, it will always elude you. When you seek happiness for others, you will find it yourself

If you'd like some distant healing sending, just let me know!!! Have a great day

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Very interesting especially about how to train your mind to think positively. Might give it a try. Not sure about the colours, sounds a bit weird!

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Meditation and yoga have been helping people for years to find general peace, happiness and is known to improve self-esteem and reduce anxiety levels.

Because you have given a minimal amount of information about yourself, it is difficult to access where you are at on your search for meaning and happiness and what your educational background is.

I find that Carl Jung`s books always worked for me - especially his memoirs Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

If you like literature, there are a lot of wonderful books out there. `Self-help` books do not have to be only the ones that are written by psychologists.

I consider the Alchemist is a self-help book, Shantaram, The Autobiography of a Yogi and many others depending on the specific issue/archetypal dynamic.

You can also check out my blog. It has some travel writing, as well as self-help kind of writing.

Hope that helps!

Best regards,


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