Struggling to find a good hairdresser!

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Since we arrived in Bangkok 6 months ago I've been struggling to find a good hairdresser. I've tried a few, but whether it's been a communication problem or I've just caught them on a bad day, I've not been impressed. So out of desperation my first ever attempt at writing on one of these websites! Can anybody recommend a hairdresser in Bangkok? It's a personal thing, I had a great hairdresser in Hong Kong but he appalled my friend with his attempts on her hair! But if someone is kind enough to recommend someone and they don't work for me I'll understand, but if I try enough people I should find someone who works!


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I'll be interested to see what this thread produces. We've been here two and a half years and still looking! Most recently been going to Takashi in Central World - but it'll be awhile before we can get back there... Definitely not easy to find trained cutters. There's a French man on Soi 31 - but top dollars!

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Not too hopeful, what's the name of the Frenchman, I'd be willing to try him once!

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I also arrived in Bangkok about 6 months ago and was anxious to find a good hairdresser. I tried several and then went to Moga in the Emporium, just on the off-chance. I've only been the once but will be going back as I was very pleased with the result! My cutter was called Nat ( day off on Thursdays ) and she understood exactly what I wanted. Expensive? Well, I came from Abu Dhabi and paid nearly 3 times as much there, so no! But compared to Thai prices, I'm not too sure; it was about the same as I've paid before so I'm guessing it's OK.

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Hi, thank you I'll be giving her a try. The cost is less important than the results!

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I no longer have his name (perhaps Christian?) or number - but the business is called Fan Fan and is located in a courtyard next door to Wine Loft and Chapter 31 and opposite Thai Herbal Assn. (Near PM's house).

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I have thick, wavy hair and need auburn (orangish) colouring. does anyone know someone who specializes in western hair?

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Hi, as a point of reference you can find a list of hairdressers in our business directory in the Hairdressers, Manicure & Pedicure category. Some of these hairdressers specialise in hairdressing for expats.

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That's a few more options!

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Hi. Have you tried anyone yet?

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Anyone found a good stylist in Silom?

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hi. I've been going to Khun Ot at the paris spa. There are 2 branches. One at Peninsula Plaza and the other at Alma Link just behind Central Chidlom. He speaks good English, understands hair and his plus point is highlights. Amazing. Speaks French as well.Very pleasant chap. Please try him out. Been his regular for the last 6 years. Not even tempted to try something new.

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Does sound good but not in Silom!

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