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Moving to Bangkok soon and I have to admit a little nervous! One thing that has been preying on my mind is some of the horrible tropical diseases that I have read about or seen on TV. Are there any diseases or health problems I should be especially careful about during my 2 year stay in Bangkok?

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beppi 1285930868

It is a common misconception among people from temperate countries that tropical diseases are awaiting behind every corner here, ready to strike at anybody unaware.
In fact, they are less common than influenza in your country. Most of them also affect and kill less people than influenza worldwide.
In addition, the private hospitals in Thailand's major cities are better (and much cheaper) than anything you find back home.
The only things you need to worry about is heat, dehydration and the occasional upset stomach until your body has adjusted to the different (but not worse) circumstances here.

Blue_berry 1286058806

Are you sure!!! The stuff I see on TV sends shivers down my spine....flys that lay eggs underneath human skin, malaria, skin diseases and more, and that's not even counting the upset stomachs!

I will draw strength from your comments!!! And try and stop being so nervous, I'm checking with my doctor next week as well.

todd-454571 1286366776

You don't have to worry about malaria unless you travel to some of Thailand's borders with other countries, but Dengue fever is a problem throughout Thailand including in Bangkok. You would be unlucky to get it (from mosquito bites) but if you do it's not very pleasant.

Mind you, you can get Dengue fever in Australia or the USA, so its not just developing countries where you have to watch out.

Blue_berry 1286552930

Yes, my doctor warned me about Dengue! But apparently no scary flies in Thailand!

gis-455346 1287091797

How bad is Dengue? Can anybody comment who has had it before?

Tanlic 1287474345

I've been here 12 years and I did catch a cold once. Like all men I thought I was dying but alas I survived.

There is one decease you can catch very easily but if your married and you do god help you cos your wife wont ;0)

Tanlic 1287477032

Dengue is well documented on Wikipedia and thailand had 87,000 cases which is about 0.001% of the population.

The mosquito tend to be attrcted to places where there is standing water so having a fishpond on the balcony of your apartment isn't a good idea.

There was some case in BKK but most were up country and more than a few that died weren't in the best of health before catching it

Spoke to one guy who caught it and they told him initially it would clear up in a week, until they discovered he had low blood presuure and he went through hell, thought he was dying and it took 3 weeks to clear up.

Hard not to think about it when you get bit but as they say if your names on the bottle in won't go past you.

sctconsult 1288022312

If you are located in Bangkok, but dont have much to worry about. Actually much of Thailand is ok unless you are way up-country or in the jungle. Dengue is a worry but you just have to be careful. It is nasty if you are unlucky enough to get it but rest assured Thailand has excellent medical facilities and doctors. You are coming to Thailand but Burma or Cambodia, there it might be a different story. The humidity and culture shock is all you need to worry about.

gis-455346 1288631455

I've done a bit of research and I really don't want to catch Dengue ... but at .001% I guess the motorbikes are a more likely way to end up in pain!

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