Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking

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Has anybody used hypnotherapy and succeeded in stopping smoking....if so can you recommend a hypnotherapist in Bangkok?


uniice 1299050326

Woeked well for me

you have to believe!

dj22 1299505264

Stopped trying!

uniice 1299566911

Shame! Try again ... you can succeed!

pink_overdoze 1310044895

Hypnotherapy can work if you do not see it as a magic solution that will do the work for you. A very serious commitment to quit is what does most of the work. If you got to the point in your life when you said to yourself that you must quit no matter what only then you will succeed. It is important to be realistic and to prepare for a relapse that is abound to happen.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can give you some useful tools to work with. Hypnotherapy works as well, but when the old ego habits are very strong, it is not enough and it is very easy to regress.

So from my experience, I have to say that it is a combination of things that works.

When I was quitting smoking I had to remove all the triggers that made me smoke. For example, coffee had to go, drinking had to go, smoking on the balcony had to go ( I actually sealed off the balcony so I could not smoke there)

It took me about a year to quit. It was hard.

Good luck!

Stay positive, realistic and committed.

Best regards,


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