started by: carlito123 · last update: 1218969199 · posted: 1211010985

Can anyone help? The idea of meditating to bring peace and calm into my life is very attractive to me, but I do not know where to go. Does anyone know?

started by: J.Lo · last update: 1218874150 · posted: 1217714557

Hi....should I be concerned about Dengue fever in the Phuket and Khao Lak region?

started by: deb-448593 · last update: 1218619049 · posted: 1218287865

so far I've been to the private ones and I'm wondering if there are any medical clinics around. i need stilnox, panbesy and xanax and they are not easy to get by other than from private hospitals. I would grately appreciate it if anyone can recommend a good clinic or phramacy that carrys them. thank you.deb

started by: Castro-448842 · last update: 1218528301 · posted: 1218232311

I'll be coming to Thailand soon for an extended stay and wanted to find out whether it will be possible to get my prescription drugs locally or whether I should stock up before I arrive?

started by: katja-448169 · last update: 1216558878 · posted: 1216408592

Looking for some help with where to buy Bonjela - the stuff to use on mouth ulcers. I can't find it in the local chemists?

started by: Charlie Farley-448010 · last update: 1216382124 · posted: 1216278743

Hi, I occasionally suffer from heat rash and have not found a suitable product here in Thailand, to treat it effectively. Any suggestions from anyone, thanks?

started by: anon-448192 · last update: 1215771707 · posted: 1214411998

Hello anyone Acupuncture - is it any good and where should I go??! Suggestions much appreciated

started by: owen-447239 · last update: 1215704476 · posted: 1190373375

Can anyone recommend a good English speaking dentist in Bangkok. I know there are a lot but would like to get a personal recommendation. Thanks

started by: rosie1965 · last update: 1215337341 · posted: 1214084330

Does anyone have any opinion on which is the best high factor suncream that you can buy in Thailand? I can't find my favourite brand here and not really found anything to replace it. Rose

started by: shalini-448487 · last update: 1214766249 · posted: 1214766249

Did you know that the root cause of almost all illnesses are our thoughts! Our ongoing negative thoughts translate into an emotion (fear, anger, anxiety, self blame, jealousy, guilt etc.), which disrupts the energy flowing through our body. This ongoing disruption in the flow of energy finally manifests itself in the physical body as an illness. For more details on Energy Healing sessions, contact me (Shalini) at 089 8252631 S.J.Y.

started by: DelilaA · last update: 1214230718 · posted: 1212344872

I'll be in Bangkok soon and would like to get my regular botox done, can anyone suggest a safe and pleasant clinic?Delila

started by: anon-448192 · last update: 1212617613 · posted: 1210869146

Am interested to know whether there are any AA meetings here in Bangkok held in the English language?

started by: Heavy · last update: 1212583347 · posted: 1212136687

Hi all, can anyone tell me whether reflexology works? And if so, can you recommend a good place to try it out, thanks. Heavy

started by: kerrie villan · last update: 1211702945 · posted: 1209824529

Hi, Previously while living in Europe, wherever I went I used to contact the local blood donation clinic and once a year donate blood. I was wondering if there was a similar system in place here where you can go along and register for blood donation?kerrie

started by: philcasey-448038 · last update: 1211576348 · posted: 1211539965

I know that there are a lot of generic drugs available in pharmacies in Bangkok, but am not sure how much they are to be trusted? Does anyone know of any horror story's or are they like in the West, a good way of saving money? Phil

started by: catrina.s · last update: 1211451277 · posted: 1210802425

Have recently moved to Bangkok and am looking for a good family GP. Who would anyone recommend, thanks.cat

started by: fuzio · last update: 1211190011 · posted: 1209902308

I bought some glasses last year from an opticians in Bangkok and have been really unhappy with them ever since. The eye test he gave me was extremely quick and I'm convinced he didn't do a very good job. Is there a professional opticians in Bangkok that can really help with a comprehensive eye test and good quality lenses and frames?

started by: georgia peach-447972 · last update: 1211024094 · posted: 1208277369

Is there a Weight Watchers in Bangkok or something similar in the English language?Georgia

started by: Thaiger · last update: 1209467049 · posted: 1197227852

Anyone had there teeth whitened in Bangkok? I am interested in the Bite Smile technique and wonder if anyone has had experience with it? Ta.

started by: Bree-447249 · last update: 1207645964 · posted: 1191455238

Can anyone recommend an English speaking hairdresser? Last time, my hair was ruined. So sad... Please help me.

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