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I'm coming to Thailand soon for a holiday and was thinking about getting a comprehensive medical check up? What is the standard of healthcare like? Are the hospitals clean? Can the doctors speak English? Does it take a long time and should I book in advance? I've heard that hospitals can be of an international standard in Asia, but I am not convinced. Perhaps someone can provide me with some local information?

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Travelling to HK soon and wanted any inside information people may have about the new outbreak of flu? I know in the previous outbreaks, the authorities were not releasing all the info and the rumour mill was one of the best way to get hard facts!Georgie

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Does anyone know of a good barber in the Silom area that can speak a little bit of English? Thanks.

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Hi, I would like to find a good dentist doing implants.If you have any good experience.Thank you Anne

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I was just reading a newspaper report about Dengue fever in Thailand. Apparently a lot more cases have been reported aleady this year. I've never heard of anyone getting Dengue here in Bangkok, but wanted to hear if anyone else knew someone who had got Dengue while staying here in Bangkok? Is it something I should be concerned about?pixie

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I coming to Thailand soon for a holiday and a friend of mine told me that dental work is done at a very reasonable cost and to a high standard. I'm looking to get a basic check and teeth cleaning and was wondering if it was easy to find an English speaking dentist in Bangkok?

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I'm looking for a good optician on or close to Sukhumvit Road fairly close to the centre? I need eye testing and some new lenses.Jam

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Anyone can recommend me a place to do simple facial treatment, like cleaning the blocked pores caused by comedo? Thanks. Cinn

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Where is the best place in Bangkok for hair transplant procedures?

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Hi everybody, I'm looking for a reliable cosmetic surgeon with a good reputation. Does anyone know one? Thanks in advance. Paris

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Has anyone had acupuncture done here in Bangkok? Is it safe? Can anyone recommend me a good place with an English speaking doctor?

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Hi all, I'm looking for a doctor that specialises in internal medicine? Especialy one from one of the better international hospitals - BNH, Bumrungrad or Bangkok Hospital?

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When I'm in Bangkok I want to buy some jewellery and antiques. I've heard that if you're not careful it's easy to get ripped off by well organised scams in Bangkok. Does anyone know of some good shops that sell authentic pieces at realistic prices?Hitched

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Can anyone recommend a good English speaking hair dresser near Silom? Jeremy

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Can anyone recomend a good GP here in Bangkok?

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