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For the past month I have been laid up and reduced to useing crutches. In the suburbs many shops and restaurants I've notice are not that friendly when it comes to making it easy for those who are disabled. If you are on crutches or in a wheel chair steps are the biggest hazzard and many places lack ramps. Going up steps at 711 in my soi was a nightmare and I had to be helped up the 5 stairs by a stranger in the street. Just a thought!!

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We're looking to start dialogue with potential distributors of Arun Thai Natural products particularly in both Japan and Hong Kong.  Proven niche product and excellent business growth potential.  Small investment only for first shipment - and strong support from our team in Chiang Mai.  http://arunthainatural.com 

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Where I come from in the UK when you are not feeling well you visit your local GP (General Practioner) not go directly to a hospital as you do here. Does anyone no of any doctors here who practice from a seperate office not a hospital? 

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A friend of mine is getting married in the summer and she'll be in Bangkok soon for business. She was wondering if it was possible to get a wedding dress custom made here in Bangkok. I don't know of anywhere but as it's possible to get most things done here in Bangkok, I presume that wedding dresses shouldn't be a problem? Does anyone know of such a place?Bluez

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There seems to be so many hospitals here in Bangkok. My questions are firstly are any of them any good in terms of good doctors, and secondly are they expensive. I know many people come from abroad to these hospitals so I would think the standard is pretty high. What do other people think.

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Hi there, does anybody know of any home help care organisations in Bangkok who could help me with shopping and paying bills etc because i am disabled living alone in Bangkok but from the UK. Could you also if possible give me an idea of costings and legalities etc, very many thanks for your help, hope to hear something soon, kindest regards, Peter.

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Sealed bottle of 60 soft-gel multi-vitamins (1200 mg) from New Zealand. Contain gelatin (I'm vegetarian). Expiry: May 2016 Calcium carbonate, Vitamins B3, 12, 2, 6, E, potassium chloride, Glycerin, Purified water, gelatin. $15 USD  

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many of my friends live in the outskirts of Bangkok and boast how cheap dentistry is there. Living in the middle of the city I find it very expensive. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced dentist in the Silom area.

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Looking to buy a juicer so that I can have some nice healthy drinks at home. Should the container be glass or plastic many seem to favour glass, also what is a good reliable brand to trust.

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Hi. I need a reasonable (not over $35) hairdresser that is good with curly (caucasian) hair. Asoke, Sukhamvit Soi 22, or Lumphini areas are best. If you have the phone number, please include.   Many thanks, Wakeoftheflood

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Was thinking about learning a little about medititation and Tai Che and the such like, where can I get started.

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My old health club at Central Ladprow has been renovated the result being a smaller space with an increase of price. What are the best value health clubs around town (Ladprow area), or aren't there any @@@

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My wife is really taken aback by the prices of this website - diamond online. She decided to purchasa some gems, but I have no experience with such deals, I want to know - is it safe?

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Where in Bangkok can you get the best authentic Thai massage?

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The unexcelled gyms and condition centres in Phuket can be institute at the statesman resorts and spas. These facilities gift make the most moderne and surface preserved equipment, as cured as all the ancillary services that interpret the untune out of the realize.

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Which company offers the best medical insurance for families?

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I'm getting more and more pain in my hip and want to visit a good local doctor for diagnosis. If anybody has had some hip problems and found a good local doctor can they recommend them for me. Thanks all.

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Looking for a recommended sports massage therapist.

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Are there any support groups for men with cancer in Bangkok?

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Do any Thai insurance companies offer a good deal on travel health insurance for the USA.

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