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Can anybody recommend an ENT specialist for kids in Bangkok? Doesn't matter which hospital. Thanks.

started by: Pepper-456484 · last update: 1337388370 · posted: 1304169432

Hi all Has anybody any home made solutions for stopping mosquito bites being so itchy. They love me and the itchiness drives me crazy!

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Where would I find hearing aids for sale in Bangkok? My father is coming to visit and he says he doesn't need a hearing aid and anyway they're too expensive back home. I'm getting fed up with carrying out conversations at a shouting level and so I'm determined to take him to a shop and buy a hearing aid for him! Where would I find them for sale?

started by: mz-458616 · last update: 1334866951 · posted: 1334583752

Hi, i'm planning to have LASIK surgery here in Bangkok; from a first search, the TRSC International LASIK Centre in Silom seems one of the best places to have it done. Has any of you ever had fiirst hand experience with them? were you satisfied? or would you reccomend another place/centre/hospital in town for such intervent? thanks. M

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Hi Guys I am approaching my 2 week anniversary of arriving in Bangkok, I wouldn't say I'm completely settled in already but I'm getting there although I don't think I'll eer get used to seeing rats in the street! Anyhow, I am hoping that you guys can recommend somewhere good I can go to get my eyebrows threaded, I am not too keen on trekking to china town, I am living on Sukhumvit Soi 26 so in that area would be great. Also, recommendations for a good hair salon would be welcomed, I don't mind paying good money for it if they do a good job, I just feel that having these comforts will make me feel a little more settled :-)

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Hi all, after several years of paying a relatively large yearly sum to a local broker & medical insurance company, and never once making use of it ... which is a good thing! I asked my broker if there was such a thing as a health insurance policy with a much larger maximum payout if I do need to make a claim (at the moment I only get a max of 1 million baht which if i get cancer is not enough), smaller annual premiums, but with a deductible amount ... that I will pay for any small amounts ... he told me this doesn't exist in Thailand?! Has anybody else come across an insurance policy like this ... or don't they exist?

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Looking for recommendations for a good English speaking dentist?

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Thinking about a detox and I'm looking for recommendations for a place to do it and also any comments on its effectiveness. Thanks.

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Looking for a yoga instructor that does one to one lessons rather than group lessons.

started by: Mariyaki · last update: 1331126152 · posted: 1286446194

Is there somewhere that can do this in Bangkok?

started by: Juliade-458170 · last update: 1328175233 · posted: 1328006044

Which is the best pharmacy in Bangkok with a wide selection of pills and medicines from the West?

started by: harry.joan · last update: 1327484362 · posted: 1327131010

I'm coming to Bangkok on holiday and would like to buy some jewelry, and need a few recommendations for good jewelry shops. Thanks very much!

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I need a good doctor that specializes in golfing injuries. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Good shop for vitamins and any Herbalife stockists in Bangkok?

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Hi! What should I be expecting to pay for a basic dental check up and clean? Thanks!

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Are there any recommended Pilates classes held in Silom?

started by: Millie-457762 · last update: 1321994370 · posted: 1321994370

Does anybody know of a good place to get semi permanent eyebrow make-up? Thanks!

started by: winZ · last update: 1318978792 · posted: 1281378280

Looking for some help for my son who lives in Thailand and has both alcohol and drug addiction problems. Are there any good treatment facilities available?

started by: vitalgirl · last update: 1317037691 · posted: 1316822450

Can anyone put me in touch with a good & reputable Indian herbal/Ayurveda supplier in Bangkok? Phone number or email address would be great!

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Has anybody used a Thai barbers I often walk past one which is always busy I think he does a basic cut for 60 baht!!! Good value but I have never given it a try. What are they like

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