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Can anybody recommend a clinic that carries out eye laser surgery? Thanks.

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Basic Pranic healing workshop Bangkok :24th - 25th august 2011, 9:00 am to 6:00 pmPranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing which utilizes prana, chi or life force to improve the health of the body. It is a no-touch, no drug energy based healing. Physical ailments, emotional problems and psychological disorders can be improved substantially by the application of Pranic HealingBenefits of Pranic HealingReduced stressProper self-esteemInner peace and happinessBetter memory and concentrationRecharged body and improved healthEnhanced energetic sensitivity, healing ability and intuitionKindly confirm your attendance for Basic Pranic Healing workshop programs.Speaker: Ms. Indra Ramamoorthy, Pranic Healing Senior Instructor, from ChennaiFor Any Queries Or Healings Please ContactPranic Healing Centre Thailand, Room # 7A, Rama Mansion, Sukhumvit Soi 12, BangkokOr Call at 085-3625474 / 081-9843661 / 088-8843938

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Are sandflies a problem on Thailand's beaches?

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Does anybody suffer from allergies brought on by the dampness/mould of the rainy season?

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I Live in the U.K. I have family in PATAYA, I lost my brother in June, and I would like to know the best way to obtain a death certificate, without bothering my family,

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I’m at that stage in life when I need a bit of motivation and encouragement. At the bookshop I can see hundreds of these “Self-Help” books but I have no idea which are good and which are rubbish. Has anybody used a book that’s proven to be a real boost to low self esteem and energy levels?

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Has anybody used hypnotherapy and succeeded in stopping smoking....if so can you recommend a hypnotherapist in Bangkok?

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I need to buy health insurance but I'm not sure what figure I should use as the minimum amount of coverage required. Touch wood ... I'm fit and healthy so far, in my early 50s and don't want to pay over the odds. What would people suggest?

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I understand in a very hot and humid climate that you need to have more salt and sugar because of the amount you perspire, but how much is too much?

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Is it possible for “farang’ to get treatment in Thai government hospitals?

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Hi all, I have damaged my knee and really want to find a doctor that specialises in sports injuries....knees in particular.

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My husband has a bad back which is getting slowly worse. Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in Bangkok? Nora

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I need to find a good physiotherapist with excellent patient skills. Can anybody recommend a physio?

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Hello I m looking for a beauty center in BKK where I could do a permanent eyebrow make up for man. I need a homepage or link of some institution. thanks forward for any informations..

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Hi girls! I arrived in Bangkok 3 months a go and it happen that I am becoming allergic to hair colouring. A radical solution would be to go grey hair but I am not ready yet and this would make me feel really frustrated. Has anyone an idea where I could find some good stuff WITHOUT para- phenylenediamine, AMMONIA FREE, WITHOUT RESORCINOL, NO ORTHO-aminophenol, NO ALPHA-NAPHTHOL, NICKEL TESTED?I found one in Italy but they are not represented here, so before have it sent it from there I wanted to check if someone else has already found a local solution.Thanks a lot,Roberta

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I’d like to help by providing nursing care for my father in law who doesn’t speak any Thai. Are there any agencies that provide English speaking nurses for home help?

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I wanted to start a new topic about the Mosquito Click. It looks great, one click and all the itchiness goes ... but does it really work? http://www.mosquitoclick.com/ And if it does work where can I buy it in Thailand?

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Hello,I am an Aussie dancer who has been running my own pole dance school for the last 5 years - i am in Bangkok for 1 month from Dec 12, 2010 to Jan 11, 2011 and would really love to find either an advanced pole dance or fitness class or even just a pole to practice on? Does anyone know where i could find this?Or, if anyone has pole access and would like classes, i am very well qualified as a teacher of all levels :) for pole dance, bellydance, chair dance and burlesque.Thank you!khaawp khoon khaa!Sophiasophiazdlite@gmail.comwww.poleplaystudios.com.au0811576701

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Since we arrived in Bangkok 6 months ago I've been struggling to find a good hairdresser. I've tried a few, but whether it's been a communication problem or I've just caught them on a bad day, I've not been impressed. So out of desperation my first ever attempt at writing on one of these websites! Can anybody recommend a hairdresser in Bangkok? It's a personal thing, I had a great hairdresser in Hong Kong but he appalled my friend with his attempts on her hair! But if someone is kind enough to recommend someone and they don't work for me I'll understand, but if I try enough people I should find someone who works!

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I have to get some root canal work done. Can anybody recommend a good dentist close to Asoke on Sukhumvit Road.

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