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Moving to Bangkok soon and I have to admit a little nervous! One thing that has been preying on my mind is some of the horrible tropical diseases that I have read about or seen on TV. Are there any diseases or health problems I should be especially careful about during my 2 year stay in Bangkok?

started by: Moderndog · last update: 1288440589 · posted: 1284277752

Is there a Thai equivalent of WeightWatchers?

started by: pip-453748 · last update: 1285012726 · posted: 1285012726

But I don't want to pay a fortune! Is there a good hairdresser close to Sukhumvit 31….that doesn't charge an arm and a leg!

started by: Kassymax · last update: 1284631916 · posted: 1284631916

Wanted eyelash extensions, which salon does a good job?

started by: liel · last update: 1284298454 · posted: 1279230065

Bad back pain. Any suggestions for treatments that don't involve hospitals or drugs.....

started by: notyou1-453572 · last update: 1283168033 · posted: 1282602055

Please share the names of the medical people u like.

started by: glenn2 · last update: 1282857671 · posted: 1282857671

can anybody recommend a good clinic for laser eye surgery doesn't have to be hi-so just somewhere that does the job competently

started by: ElleS-454711 · last update: 1280235414 · posted: 1280235414

Hi all, I understand homebirth isn’t possible here in Bangkok, is that right?

started by: blade-454579 · last update: 1280220003 · posted: 1280220003

Are there any clinics in Bangkok that can do a good job of removing tattoos at a reasonable cost?

started by: Amber6 · last update: 1279978708 · posted: 1279978708

I have a question about how to stop nail biting in a teenage girl, the last 6 months it’s been getting worse and worse, we’ve tried a few things but nothing has worked. I was wondering there were any great local Chinese medicines we could use, or really any suggestions at all from anybody who has solved the problem. TIA!!!

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I will be staying in Bangkok for a year, while my husband works for a local branch of an international NGO. I’m expecting our first child in November. With no health insurance coverage and a low salary, I’m trying to work out costs, back home healthcare is a big drain on the expenses, but in Thailand what would I expect to pay for the birth of our child and one year of immunizations?

started by: jay-454706 · last update: 1279804880 · posted: 1279804880

Are there any spas that really know how to massage expecting woman I’ve been told this is wonderful by my sister and would like to surprise my wife.

started by: blue print · last update: 1279477401 · posted: 1279477401

Which is the best mosquito repellant and where can I buy it? Thanks.

started by: pat_cee · last update: 1279124839 · posted: 1279124839

Are there any other expat women in Bangkok that have suffered from this problem? I’m too embarrassed even to see the doctor and I’m starting to avoid going out during the day. Please tell me if you have found a solution, any advice or suggestions. Thanks.

started by: advent-447362 · last update: 1277923566 · posted: 1200219671

I'm on holiday up in the North of Thailand and enjoying it tremendously. I was talking to an expat local and they were telling me that the cost of cosmetic surgery is very competitive here in Thailand. I was wondering if anyone had any experience of having cosmetic surgery done here in Thailand and also where is the cheapest (cheap but safe!)place in South East Asia to get it done?Adventure

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My daughter keeps getting nasty rashes on the back of her neck underneath her hair. She doesn't help things with her scratching. Is there a good skin specialist that can suggest some treatment that will get to the root cause of the problem?

started by: Douglas-453802 · last update: 1277294654 · posted: 1265009679

Can anyone recommend a good laser clinic in Bangkok?

started by: clic · last update: 1276078364 · posted: 1275811348

Can anybody recommend a clinic in Bangkok for laser eye surgery?

started by: enrico_123 · last update: 1275754103 · posted: 1275425062

Where can I find some spray plaster? Thanks.

started by: ashivpuri · last update: 1275415826 · posted: 1266236249

Hi, I would like to find an english speaking instructor or a tennis partner for one or two tennis sessions. I live in Chidlom, Ploenchit. So any suggestions close to this area would be welcome. Also if there are any clubs where I can go and play tennis would be great. thanks

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