started by: Soleil-449836 · last update: 1273648670 · posted: 1272896821

Hi, where's the best place to buy vitamin pills in Bangkok, they're more expensive than back home where I'm getting them now!

started by: catriana63 · last update: 1272806399 · posted: 1269622918

I need to find a machine that will allow me to measure my blood pressure at home, where can I find one and does anybody use one they could recommend? Thanks all.

started by: Saroniv · last update: 1272727077 · posted: 1271369140

Looking for a good reasonably priced dentist - Ekamai .... to Soi 71

started by: jennB-453983 · last update: 1272139661 · posted: 1267990916

Can anybody recommend who to see?

started by: DaleBreeze · last update: 1268121767 · posted: 1267887462

Is there much difference between the international hospitals when it comes to a health check? Thinking about having one and just wondering if I should call around or just use my normal hospital?

started by: lliyone · last update: 1267520524 · posted: 1266678603

Is a prescription needed for antibiotics from a pharmacy?

started by: Bikini · last update: 1267030910 · posted: 1250246914

off on hols soon and want to get the dreaded job done but would like to find a place that has some sensitivity for the excruciating pain i will be in! please help with some recommendations

started by: attica-453919 · last update: 1266774338 · posted: 1266774338

My father would like to come and visit for 6 months but he requires expert health care. At home, a nursing service provides home help, is there a similar service in Bangkok that anybody knows of?

started by: GuideBooks · last update: 1266228666 · posted: 1265808708

I've been suffering from painful ear ache on and off for the last month and my normal doctor can't find any problems. Is there an ear/nose/throat specialist that anybody can recommend so I can get a second opinion. Thanks all.

started by: sally49-453315 · last update: 1265703213 · posted: 1265703213

Can anybody tell me where I can have eyelash extensions by a beautician that has some experience. Thanks!

started by: Nancy lee · last update: 1263503160 · posted: 1263412750

I'm new to Bangkok and would like to find a good gym. Any recommendations? Like classes, especially Yoga, Pilates, circut training. Am near wireless road. thanks all

started by: re pe 3 · last update: 1262983816 · posted: 1262373012

Has anybody got some suggestions for good fitness courses for the new year....part of my resolutions!

started by: BKKMove · last update: 1262007867 · posted: 1261593562

For a friend - "where can i get this done in Bangkok and how much is it likely to cost"

started by: T1ED · last update: 1261310351 · posted: 1260995528

Is it normal to feel so drained by the end of every day here in Thailand? I have worked in several different countries before moving to Bangkok 6 weeks ago but have never felt so exhausted after what is a normal days work. Does anybody else get this or is it me, should I visit the doctor?

started by: TickTack-448838 · last update: 1260785015 · posted: 1260480321

Can anybody recommend a good eye doctor?

started by: 32Dundee · last update: 1259491186 · posted: 1259491186

I need an experienced company that can supply and install a home alarm system. Any ideas?

started by: Phrase-453475 · last update: 1259080417 · posted: 1258662270

Hi,My name is Fraser, I am coming from Europe for a 3 month vacation back pack triip around Thailand and surrounding countries. I would like to know please if I can purchase Malarone / Malaria tablets easily enough in Bangkok at a Pharmacy ie Boots. As from there I will be traveling into effected areas. Names and addresses would be much appreciated !Thanks

started by: LuneMe · last update: 1258904626 · posted: 1245859851

I was advised to vaccinate my son against swine flu before going overseas. How about anybody else, I've not read that it was necessary or that it works?

started by: Crisp11 · last update: 1258133244 · posted: 1257886049

Recommended dentists in or close to Silom for some basic dental work. I need a dentist that I can rely on to give impartial advice and not push for expensive treatment if it's not necessary.

started by: alison.s · last update: 1257351375 · posted: 1256972862

As a frequent sufferer I have starting thinking about alternative treatment for migraines. Has anybody tried something here in Bangkok and willing to share the experience ... good or bad.

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