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Hello all early on this Sunday morning! Having woken with the desire to try something different, I am enquiring whether there are any english language Tai Chi classes or teachers in Bangkok?

started by: Pink-452995 · last update: 1255432637 · posted: 1254755802

Me and a friend are looking to take a long weekend of good health, spa treatments and relaxation! Anywhere in Thailand, budget to suit but any recommendations welcome.

started by: mom7 · last update: 1254777019 · posted: 1254486834

Hi all, can anybody recommend some good yoga classes, not too serious, friendly and social as well as a bit of stretching!

started by: Hilly Fields · last update: 1254309939 · posted: 1253892372

Is anyone still taking precautions about this when they go overseas or are we just to treat it like normal flu. I never read anything about it in the media recently....

started by: Jo+19 · last update: 1253188367 · posted: 1253188367

Can anybody recommend a good acupuncturist that does facial rejuvenation? for a friend!

started by: sheila2 · last update: 1252581425 · posted: 1252010712

Hi all I'm a regular visitor to the pharmacy but still haven't found a good pharmacy with a pharmacist that can speak good enough English to really get what I want. Is there one that is close to a station on the Suk line?

started by: Papaa · last update: 1252256004 · posted: 1252256004

Is there a good doctor that specialises in loss of hearing?

started by: Vanniche · last update: 1252241605 · posted: 1251498035

Looking for a good gym that's convenient for work in Silom area.

started by: Sami_y · last update: 1251053516 · posted: 1244585806

Any suggestions on how to get rid of these unwanted guests in my daughter's hair... thanks.

started by: H.Pieters · last update: 1250854418 · posted: 1250101742

where can i get gel nails done in Bangkok? Can anybody recommend a place

started by: aus.lulu · last update: 1250355802 · posted: 1250069739

I know why they're closed today ..... but my local barbers is always closed on Wednesday which happens to be the most convenient day to get my hair cut!

started by: Sharon-452906 · last update: 1249745564 · posted: 1248299500

Looking for some 'lift' work.

started by: Julian99 · last update: 1248279046 · posted: 1248279046

Can anybody help ... does pilates help to reduce back pain and if so can anybody recommend a pilates course for a complete beginner

started by: Karl-452825 · last update: 1248267620 · posted: 1247675737

I live in Vietnam and will make a short trip to Bangkok, so time is of the essence! I'm looking for a health shop where I can buy Coenzyme Q10, Horny Goat Weed, Cranberry Concentrate,Resveratrol and Pomegranate extract. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find the best (i.e. most well-stocked) health shop in Bangkok, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Karl

started by: 2001MrJames · last update: 1245923346 · posted: 1233596026

I have been suffering from back pain on and off for more years than I care to remember. My regular doctor claims there isn't much to be done and prescribes pain killers. Anyone reading this has a recommendation for a miracle worker that can help me?

started by: enrico_123 · last update: 1245090583 · posted: 1244799509

A visiting friend needs to get some new contact lenses ... will any optician stock them?

started by: DeeMaag · last update: 1244967700 · posted: 1244129250

Hi all, we have been paying too much for health insurance bought in the UK. It was suggested to me that I should look locally for health insurance and not have any outpatient cover. Is this possible and any suggestions for which company I should approach?

started by: angelgambrel-450784 · last update: 1244712781 · posted: 1243088642

My mom is visiting at the end of the year and wants to have a tummy tuck and breast implants. I have repeatedly tried to talk her out of it! Anyway can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon? I know the big hospitals (Bumrungrad and Samitivey) have loads of doctors but I was hoping someone might have personal experience and could recommend a Dr. in particular or not recommend someone in particular if they had a bad experience. Thanks.

started by: Kiwi.Juli · last update: 1244272968 · posted: 1243358858

I will be visiting soon, only passing through Bangkok for one day in the middle of a three week holiday. I'd like to take the opportunity to pick up some prescription medicine, but it will be a Sunday. Are pharmacies open? Has anybody got the number of a good pharmacy close to the Grand Hyatt? I believe it's central Bangkok.

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Hi all, I took my first Thai massage last week after a bit of external pressure and I have to say it was every bit as bad as I expected!! Rather than being relaxing and invigorating, I was completely exhausted and had a pain in my back. Before anyone asks, this is the traditional and ancient sort of Thai massage that has been practised for centuries, not the nudge nudge wink wink type of "massage" Can anyone enlighten me as to what is meant to be so good about a Thai massage?

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