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Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist in Bangkok?

started by: Xpat-449910 · last update: 1243842830 · posted: 1243759971

Different friends.....different questions! Hair extensions this time, are they easy to get done and if so at any hairdressers or should I recommend a salon?

started by: JacQ-452217 · last update: 1243492123 · posted: 1243431496

Are there any dental practises that have dental hygienists?

started by: Megan&Tom · last update: 1243271243 · posted: 1242944619

Where can I find a good masseuse for a non Thai massage? Sukhumvit or Ploenchit area. Thanks.

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Has the outbreak of the mosquito disease with the strange name that was down in the south, now come to Bangkok?

started by: StephenG-450198 · last update: 1242889815 · posted: 1242340184

Hi all, I need to get some root canal treatment .... Can anybody recommend a good dentist in the Sathorn or Silom area, I don't want to travel too far and I know it's going to take a few visits....

started by: Sylvia.Donald · last update: 1242744675 · posted: 1242744675

Recommendations for good clinics for botox treatment? Any suggestions.

started by: mcloughlin-447980 · last update: 1242047399 · posted: 1242047399

Nine-year old Arisa (Megan) Erchukiat is in urgent need of A RH Negative blood and stem cell donations to treat Leukemia (AML).If you are a match for this rare blood group or know anyone who is, please contact her parents: Samkhan Erchukiat, 081-811-3933, khunsamkhan@yahoo.com and Manasawee Erchukiat / 081-811-6644 khuntammy@yahoo.com or the Thai Red Cross Society, National Blood Center Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 08:00 am - 4:30 pm; Tuesday and Thursday from 07:00 am - 7.30 pm; and Saturday and Sunday from 08:30 am - 3.:30 pm on 02-2513111 or 02-252- 4106-9 Ext. 114, 161, 162, www.redcross.or.th, www.nbc.in.th.

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Unfortunately I am starting to suffer from worsening hearing loss. Before it gets too bad I would like to get a hearing aid fitted. There is a bewildering choice available, has anyone else had a hearing aid fitted in Bangkok and can make a recommendation?

started by: kina.smit · last update: 1241013841 · posted: 1240318988

Hi all, I feel the need for a full detox but never got one in Bangkok before....are there any places readers would recommend?

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Hi does anyone know where to purchase spermicidal jelly in Bangkok. Thanks PM

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hi, does anybody know of a good english speaking acupuncturist?

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Hello there, a strange request I know but for those with teenage children not surprising?! My soon to be 18 year old daughter has been asking to get her belly button pierced for years now a request we have managed to refuse until now what can you do when they're 18?! So my question is where can my daughter go to do this ..... that is safe and hygienic?

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Does anyone know of a salon in Bangkok that does thermal reconditioning? All the salons I've checked so far do rebonding and it's not quite the same. Thanks.

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Anyone with suggestions about where to go for high quality eye testing?

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Khun Pond Charoenpanich, a 35-year-old Thai man suffering from dengue fever, is currently in an intensive care unit at Rama 9 hospital. The hospital urgently needs O rh+ subgroup Parabomba blood, which is very rare among Thais, to help treat Khun Pond.If you have this blood group, please immediately contact the Rama 9 Hospital or the Thai Red Cross on Henri Dunant Road (Monday-Friday 8am-4:40pm; Thursday 7:30am-7:30pm) or call Khun Nida on 081-626-9933 or 085-900-9933.

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I'm going to Koh Samet soon for a long weekend.... was looking forward to it tremendously until a friend mentioned today that he thought they still had malaria on the island? is there any truth in this?

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Hiya, i'd like a good dentist for a clean and polish of my stained teeth! I don't want any fancy whitening stuff, just a very good clean? I was very unhappy with the results of the first dentist I tried ... .

started by: vernon.v · last update: 1232618155 · posted: 1232202914

Hey all, a buddy back home with no health plan is coming over to take advantage of the cheaper costs of hospital treatment here in Thailand. Can anyone recommend a hospital in Bangkok for breast cancer treatment?

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Hi, a silly question probably but are doctors available on Sundays to deal with minor ailments? Sandra

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