started by: KhunP · last update: 1232617612 · posted: 1232570927

Looking for good Pilates classes in Bangkok?

started by: kina.smit · last update: 1231405846 · posted: 1231234274

Hi all, I would love to find a pedicurist that will visit my home .... would anyone have a contact number & name?

started by: D James-450103 · last update: 1231283389 · posted: 1230924992

I have a worldwide health insurance policy from the UK which will need renewing in a few months. Should I get my new policy locally or just renew the one from the UK?

started by: Jen-450144 · last update: 1229678379 · posted: 1229256436

Hi all, I have a special occasion coming up and need to find a skilled hair stylist and colorist whose English is good enough to really understand what I'd like...would be good on Sukhumvit, but am prepared to travel. Thanks. Jen

started by: mayhasoc · last update: 1226568976 · posted: 1226518958

In case you did not know, there is an English language Cancer Support Group that gets together once a week. ANYONE can attend !!!! Bumrungrad Hospital has kindly offered the use of one of their meeting rooms and the session is monitored by 2 volunteer therapists. Cancer support group meets every Thursday morning at Bumrungrad Hospital 10.30 - 12.00 at Meeting Room # 3 on the 3rd floor Bumrungrad hospital, in main building. If you are interested in meditation, please comes at 10.00 am For more information, please contact: Kanoknapas SuramaeteePatient Education Senior CoordinatorPhone: 66 2667 2697Email: kanoknapas@bumrungrad.com

started by: Jess-449810 · last update: 1226504552 · posted: 1226504552

Hiya, me and my fella are looking for a good value spa with pleasant natural surroundings as close as possible or in central Bangkok. What would people suggest?

started by: Amy-448913 · last update: 1226079407 · posted: 1226079407

FCCT club member Thomas McNamara is in a critical condition and in need of BLOOD TYPE BRH NEGATIVE. If you -- or anybody you know -- has this scarce blood type, can you kindly make contact with Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok (tel: 0 2667 1000) where Tom is being treated in Intensive Care Unit 526. A transfusion will help with urgent attempts to stabilize his condition, and a speedy response to this appeal is essential. Amy

started by: thumper-449754 · last update: 1225997215 · posted: 1225920409

Is there such a thing in Bangkok?

started by: nomis1955 · last update: 1225653393 · posted: 1225554008

anyone know if Lynoral 50mcg is available OTC in bangkok?

started by: dobsonfamily · last update: 1225439952 · posted: 1224369284

Hello.....I'm seeking views about what is the best treatment for a dental problem I have, it's going to involve root canal treatment and I'm tempted just to extract the tooth and be done with it. Surely this is the least painful and cheapest way to go. From what I've heard root canal treatment is extremely painful and is not cheap, even in Thailand? What would people advise? And any suggestions for which dentist to use where I might get an unbiased opinion on the best course of treatment?

started by: nomis1955 · last update: 1225364603 · posted: 1225328700

by "drugs" I mean pharacuticals bought legally over the counter! Will there be any problems when I leave the country if the customs search my bags? Im not talking about commercial quantities just a good supply for own use. Hormones are what im meaning, so no narcotics or funny stuff.

started by: CooperNZ-447416 · last update: 1224682516 · posted: 1224317953

Where do I go for professional, hygienic manicure/pedicure? (Sukhumvit area for preference).

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Hi all... are there any osteopaths in Bangkok?

started by: CooperNZ-447416 · last update: 1223470793 · posted: 1223291693

Where to go for a quality hair cut for men, preferably not in a swanky shopping centre, but somewhere you can find a small entrepreneur working for himself who actually knows how to cut... Any thoughts anyone?

started by: Kazziz · last update: 1223018465 · posted: 1223018465

While I'm staying in Bangkok is there a local osteopath who comes with a recommendation?

started by: USA32 · last update: 1222609571 · posted: 1221723481

Hi...have been posted to BKK for two years and wanted to check in and ask what immunisations are advisable. I have been given a list locally but wanted to compare it with you guys on the ground?

started by: Jayne-448695 · last update: 1222028263 · posted: 1216814750

HI, I'm going to try again to quit the habit, but have tried to find some patches locally but have had no luck? Also if there is anyone who has recently quit and has some good suggestions or positive encouragement I'd love to hear, anything to help!!!

started by: JD-447224 · last update: 1221410551 · posted: 1196622182

Has anyone any experience of lasik surgery. And if so where is a good place to get it done here in Bangkok?Jack

started by: anon2 · last update: 1221213534 · posted: 1221119364

A good friend would like to get some liposuction carried out while in Bangkok. Can anyone recommend a reputable clinic?

started by: jude.menz · last update: 1220512003 · posted: 1220512003

Hi, my boyfriend has bought me a tattoo as a birthday present, but Im not sure where to get it done. Any good and safe places to have a tattoo?

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