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Hi, I'm looking for a good quality hammock, all the ones I've seen so far have been very badly made and won't last long. Is it possible to buy a good hammock in Bangkok?

started by: Julien-Vanhoenacker-880523 · last update: 1482043194 · posted: 1482043194

I bought a nice Yale lock with Dimple key for my front door, but now come the time when I must make key copies and the standard shop can't do it. Any idea which key cutting company can handle Dimple keys? 

started by: CooperNZ-447416 · last update: 1481266925 · posted: 1372062203

Anyone recommend an experienced and  capable painter cum handyman for condominium unit work?

started by: Tulips-905151 · last update: 1481194712 · posted: 1446884572

We have not been here long but would really like to buy a real Christmas Tree, if you know where I can find this, please post here, thanks

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Wow so many Mozzies around. What bis the most effective way to deal with them.

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I am looking for a compnay that can make a sofa, basic fabric sofa, it need to be curved to fit a corner with shelf, can't find anywhere. Before there were a few in MBK but these have all mostly gone to be replaced by more cheap and cheerful shops

started by: ionithailand · last update: 1445765263 · posted: 1422708637

I was looking to repair my dining table and to re upholster my sofa. any idea of good quality furniture repair in Bamgkok?  

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With Thailands ties with Middle Eastern countries I was wondering where the best places to buy carpets are. Do Thais's make carpets or are they imported from India and the Middle East. Where can I buy.

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Burmese maids seem to be the norm here when having a maid. Is it easy to get them, are they expensive and do you need to provide a work permit for them?????

started by: ruby tuesday-905159 · last update: 1429441089 · posted: 1429343542

Now the hot weather is here my lawn is taking a real beating. Does anyone know of a shop that sell autumatic sprinkler systems. I'm looking for the ones that are built in under the lawn and are turned on by a timer switch.

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Rescently my home has been invaded by thousands of ants. I live in a rented house with a garden and I was wondering if there was some sort of outside service that dealt with this proble.

started by: *little*pixie* · last update: 1425372854 · posted: 1425372854

I was thinking of having a sala in my garden. What is the best way to do it, get it built from scratch by someone in which case who, or buy one of the ready made ones you see around.

started by: ruby tuesday-905159 · last update: 1424938382 · posted: 1424938382

I have quiet a large garden on the outskirts of BKK and amongst the lawn,  plants and bushes there are some weeds. Does anyone know of where I can purchase weed killer, and what make and brand will I need. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm looking for a live out maid and before I employ anyone I wanted to know if there are any rules or regulations regarding employment. Or whether I should just use an agency? Bluez

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In Europe and the states and other places as well people have their own sale in their garden or yard. Is this common practice here and would it work. Anyone know?

started by: *little*pixie* · last update: 1420134452 · posted: 1420099489

Hi does and anyone know where and how much storagespace cost here in Bangkok. needs to be secure with easy access.

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Renovation services including All kinds of renovation :- Electricity.- Plumbing.- Painting.- All kinds of floors and walls.- Kitchen installation.- 3D design.- Terrace.- Acoustic and thermal insulation.- Furniture.- Home staging.- Curtains.061-457-9466 089-005-2213 096-118-9418 Line ID : hdrenovation

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Hello, at my house I have quiet a large pond, so my idea is to have a few carp in there. Someone told me that they are expensive so does anyone knowe on here how much and where I can buy,.

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Hi there, does anyone know where you can buy good quality garden furniture. I'm especially looking out for those tables you see around that are made frome stone and come with stools to put round it. Thx

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Where can i find silver cutlery for sale?

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