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I recently came on holiday and enjoyed myself so much. The hotels were incredible, but we did stay at some of the best. Even at some of these hotels, speaking English was not always the best, which sometimes led to problems with the service. Beautiful smiles don't always make up for mistakes?

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We are 2 English teenagers on our gap year and are about to visit Thailand. We would like to head south and visit one or two beautiful islands. Can anyone suggest where to go? We have heard Phuket is a bit commercialised these days. What about Phi Phi? Cheap but clean accomodation needs to be available - boutique hotels not in our budget sadly!

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I've noticed that a lot of the news headlines featured on Angloinfo's home page are about bad news! Whether it's murder, robbery or bombings in the South. I think it's disproportionate to the actual amount of problems that exist in Thailand, as it's one of the safest countries in the world to either live in or to come and visit. Can someone tell me, why so much bad news?! Bluez

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100 Million?? Does that sound excessive to you?! Not to mention being out of this season's competition. Just for using confidential information on their competitor? I think this fine is completely out of proportion. People do the most terrible things and get a slap on the hand. BA and Virgin rip us off with "fuel charges" one tells on the other and BA got fined, Virgin got off (also not the fairest thing ever, but never mind). In the case of McLaren vs Ferrari, no consumers were involved or ripped off and to me this fine is just too much! Any other opinions out there?

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