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Hello, does anyone know what the procedure is in bringing a pet dog from the UK to Thailand is. Ive been trying to find out but am finding it rather difficult. Thx

started by: JonathanJ · last update: 1449872816 · posted: 1449841000

Hi, I am looking for Hills prescription dogfood. Any advice on where I can find it at a reasonable price in Bangkok please? 

started by: sukhumvit george · last update: 1449841152 · posted: 1415259640

Can anybody suggest a good kennels for my 2 dogs and I will be going on holiday for 2 weeks next month. Also what standard are they.

started by: spices-905155 · last update: 1438163849 · posted: 1437220951

Can anybody suggest where I can find Chihuahua puppies for sale in Bangkok

started by: William1972 · last update: 1406568115 · posted: 1226161340

Is there such a thing in Bangkok Will

started by: ennely · last update: 1405833280 · posted: 1405833280

Hi there, we are planning to relocate to Bangkok from Europe with our two pet rabbits. I read a few things about it how it goes, for example that they need a permission and to be examined by a vet before traveling, but I can't really find exact infos about the whole procedure. Is there anyone here who went through the whole process and can tell me about it? Do rabbits really need a quarantine and for how long? If yes, what test do they have to "endure"? (I know in Singapore for example the rabbit can stay with the owner, only cannot be taken out of the apartment for a while.) What documents do we exactly need and what should they contain? How much is the fee for letting a rabbit in? It is really hard to find proper information about this, that's why I decided to ask, maybe someone has experience.. Thanks in advance.

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I buy my dog biscuits at Lotus at the moment, a 20k bag costs around 1,000 baht. Is there anywhere I can buy same quality but cheaper. I will buy 4 or 5 20k bags if the price is right.

started by: skippy-905145 · last update: 1383986823 · posted: 1382464476

I would like to have my 2 dogs clipped they are Collies and need to be trimmed correctly.Dose anyone know of a good professional groomer, l am willing to take them anywhere as I have transport.

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We're a team of 2 reliable expat ladies who are animal lovers offering petsitting and pet walking services on weekends and holidays. We will sent daily photos of your pet via email or Blackberry. Contact directly for rates.

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Does anyone have the Bangkok Met Admin tel number for reporting problem street dogs? I read about this in the advice section of Angloinfo but have no idea where I can find the number.

started by: golfer-905153 · last update: 1377074293 · posted: 1377074293

Thinking of getting some fish and a tank. Btw the fish are for looking at not eating, any ideas from where I can buy and what is the going price?

started by: skippy-905145 · last update: 1377073570 · posted: 1377073570

I am still looking for a quality puppy like a Spaniel or Retriever will not buy from JJ market or pick up from the soi thx

started by: KatyJP · last update: 1373646317 · posted: 1373646317

Hi everyone, is anyone interested in rehoming our little kitten? Shes ginger, playful and super cute. (Seriously, she looks like puss in boots) Shes called Nora and is three months old. She has been vacinated against rabies and cat flu, been dewormed and has a micro chip (we will change the details for you if you wish).  She is also litter trained and very clean!  We really wanted to take her back to England with us in September but our flight wont accept her. We are leaving on 28th September so we will probably want to keep her until a week or so before we leave. Please let me.know if you are interested we really want her to go to a kind  loving home.  You can call me on 0909200584 or email kjpeat@gmail.com

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We live in Chachoengsao province with our Chitsoo. Now we plan going to Europe for some weeks and need a good place where our dog may stay. Any suggeastion?

started by: Alaire · last update: 1370367733 · posted: 1353680879

I took in an orphaned kitten and she needs a new home as I am leaving the country. I tried to organize flights for Her back to Canada but it proved to be very difficult to get connecting flights and would be a very long trip for her. She has been fixed and has all her shots, she's never been outside so she is very healthy. She loves people and would make someone very happy. Does anyone know any someone looking to take in a cat?

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Hi there, I'm looking for a caring family that would be interested to adopt my two lovely cats. I'm moving to another country and sadly will not be able to take them with me. I'm hoping that my two cats would find their new loving family. Judy is a grey American short hair. She's four years old. Sumie is a Maine Coon (Blue Silver Classic Tabby and White). She's currently 3 and a half years old. They are currently based in Bangkok. Loves cat nips and being pet at (especially Sumie) You can contact me directly at kan.p.30@gmail.com or just reply to this post. Thank you! Kan

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Hello! I am hoping to find a social, beautiful, expressive and fun kitten (or young cat) -- Siamese preferably -- for my 9 year old son. I want to get in touch with Pet Shops or breeders that have access to healthy cats!!!!! please no suggestions that I try Chatuchak!!! thank you! Gia

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Help, everytime I go to buy fish for my tank after a few days some have been eaten by others or some have just died. I always get advice from the store guy, have washed the little pepples for the tank, kept it clean and have oxygenated the water with a pump and still they die, what to do other than give up!!!! HELP

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I live in the Chang Wattana area and would like to know a vet nearby who I can trust and is not too expensive like the the ones downtown, does anybody no of any, I have 2 dogs and sonn will be aquiring another one.

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Anyone know where I can purchase a Pedigree English Cocker Spanial, I have 2 now which were given to me. They are lovely dogs so I have room for a third.

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