Petsitter for weekends in Sathon / Silom area

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We're a team of 2 reliable expat ladies who are animal lovers offering petsitting and pet walking services on weekends and holidays. We will sent daily photos of your pet via email or Blackberry. Contact directly for rates.

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caroline-905168 1367991281

Hello, I am moving to bbk soon and I was wondering if your services still work, if you are still doing this on in bbk as the ad is from 2010. I will leave in the area and could be very interested by your services. Thank you.

froggie-878296 1368197089

Ditto Caroline I am interested also.

minimaliz 1368449859

Sorry! I left Bangkok 2 years ago.

jom_6 1382349915


i am a 64 yo UK guy living for many years in Sathorn. I have 2 pet rabbits that very occasionally need someone to come in and clean up and feed and water. Takes a short time and my condo block cleaner usually does the job but sometimes she cannot. If you have a pet that needs something like that maybe we could cooperate when needed. If you are interested, please get in touch.

jom_6 1382349977

The above message also applies to Froggie.

caroline-905168 1382690733

Hi..thank you for your post  Jom, I could maybe help you out for the rabbits in case of emergency if you don t leave too far -I am soi 11- but I am afaid for me it would be more complicatd as I have a very young playful medium size dog who need a bit more attention....we did get a fulltime helper at the end just for her we are coverd now...but thanks


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