Thai Scorpions - are they dangerous?

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I had always presumed the large scorpions they have in Thailand are not dangerous compared to the small and deadly ones you find in the middle east. But as I'm not 100% sure, I thought perhaps I should check!

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jasmine..j 1217839763

I always thought ALL scorpions were dangerous!! I've never heard of a friendly variety. You don't get these in Bangkok do you??!!

owen-447239 1217923485

You are right, they are not dangerous unless you develop an allergic reaction It seems that the large black scorpions you find in Thailand give a nasty sting similar in pain to a bee sting.

I did read about a guy who died from a scorpion bite in Thailand, but I presume he had some sort of allergic reaction?

butterfly123 1218027974

Thanks...but how do you know whether you are allergic until you've been bitten? Probably best to keep well away and not find out!

Bluez-447576 1218060958

Are there any scorpions in Bangkok, I knew we had snakes.....but scorpions???


mcloughlin-447980 1218193713

I've never heard of anyone seeing a scorpion in Bangkok apart from at Chatuchak! Though......I suppose you never know.....

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