Ticks - how to tell?

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Hi...I think my dog may have picked up ticks but I'm not entirely sure? How do I tell for sure....small black animals? If they are ticks, is there anything I can do or should I just visit the vet? Thanks for any help

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Martha-447210 1219391920

Hi Hugo, ticks are very small black animals which are easier to spot when they fill with blood as they grow in size. They can cause tick fever in dogs which isn't pleasant...so best to get rid of them right away. It's not always easy to get rid of them, the sooner you notice them and start some preventative treatment the better, as the ticks will move onto your furniture, carpets and curtains.

You can get the treatment from your vet or the pet shop...it sounds like your dog has them, so better to get on it right away!


Hugo1958 1219507884

Thanks Martha, I took him to the vets this morning and sure enough they were ticks. I've started the treatment already!

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