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I just moved to Bangkok and like to know where I can find help to home sit my Maltese - 6 hrs, 4 to 5 times a week? Actually nothing much to do, just have to stay in my place as my dog feels insecure in the new environment and barks a lot when left alone. Thanks! Bryan

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Amy-448913 1219059532

Hi Bryan....you could try putting an advert in our Jobs Offered classifieds and see whether you get any response. Or perhaps one of the shops in the Anglo FILE Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals category might be able to help?


bryanlow 1219097449

Amy, thank you so much for advice to both my ads. I will try & hopefully get some favorable response.


Martha-447210 1219131630

Hi, another place that might be able to help is Ozono a speciality pet shopping mall with all pet friendly shops as well as a pet supply shop, hotel, park, salon and spa. http://www.ozono.us/shop.htm I haven't been for a while but I presume it's still open.

If you ask around they might know someone who can help you?


chokdee 1219322770

Hi....there is another place that might be able to help you in Sathorn. I think it's a pet hotel and spa with its own swimming pool! I can't remember exactly where it is, on Yenakat road but i'll check with a friend tonight who will know for sure.

bryanlow 1219459111

Dear Chokdee, thanks for helping. Pls let me know should you get an answer.


chokdee 1219530780

Got it! www.doggiedoo.net

Although I'm not sure whether they can help?

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