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Hello! I am hoping to find a social, beautiful, expressive and fun kitten (or young cat) -- Siamese preferably -- for my 9 year old son. I want to get in touch with Pet Shops or breeders that have access to healthy cats!!!!! please no suggestions that I try Chatuchak!!! thank you! Gia

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Lolo -871605 1347835620

Hi Gia!

Did you find your cute kitten? Because I would like to get one for my kids too! Coul you tell me some informations? Address? Pet shop?thanks Lo

Alaire 1353681119


I took in a kitten when she was just weeks old. She was orphaned and couldn't even eat solid food so I had to bottle feed her. She has never been outside, she has all her shots and has been fixed. she is in need of a good home because I am leaving the country. She is definitely a people cat and is a very good companion. 

Kathi 1353926187

Hello Gina and Lolo,


I`m wondering if you both found already the kitten/cat you have been looking for?.

I am a German vet (and my husband too :-)) and we saved recently several very cute kittens ( siamese looking ones too)

Now they are looking for there forever homes.

When they leave our household they will be healthy, dewormed, vaccinated, litter trained and very good socialised with other cats, dogs and small children too.

Gina you are right not to buy a kitten on the market! I know several persones which made very bad experiences with that.

If you are (or anyone else) is interested to give one (or better two) of the kittens a loving home or if you have any further questions so please contact me.

culture vulture-876971 1354645426

I know these guys are always looking for good homes : 


katy35 1363568179

Hello Kathi,

we arrived in Bangkok last autumn, we are from Switzerland-Germany and have two children who would love to have a cat...I was wondering if you have already given away the kittens you are referring to in your post? Maybe you can write to me directly under this email adress:





Kan_p30 1370364280

Hello Katrin,

I was wondering if you have already found a lovely cat for your childern yet. I'm currently looking for a loving home for my two cats. I'm moving out of the country and will not be able to take them with me.

Please le me know if you are interested in adopting them.




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