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I heard these is a place to adopt stray or abadoned pets, does anybody know more details?

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Looking for a new used Aquarium, Sump, Trikel Filter to be custom built or a new one. Used only in excelent condition. If you have aquarium for sale close to my requirments please contact me. In Need of a very good finish carpenter with experience building fine furniture, cabinents or custom wood doors. Also need some one with ability to either build or sell me the aquarium.  Prefer Acrylic Aquarium will accept Starfire Glass only, Not Temperd Glass The aquarium, stand must be drilled for Bulk Heads to be installed for water filtration. Aquarium Dimensions 50 Inches L x 24 Inches Wide x 24 to 27 Inches Tall Looking for a sump and large trikel filter. about 26 inches long x 12 inches wide Trikel tower minimum of 24 inches tall Cabinent 34 inches tall Canopy 18 inches tall. Must be hinged for easy aquarium maintenance.   Weight of aquarium, water, Substrate = 1,525 LBS Any recomendations are greatly appreciated. Have a great day.        

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Can anybody help me find a school for puppies. Must be trustworthy!

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Hi does anyone know how rigorously enforced the 'six month residency rule in country of export? The reason I ask is that we are moving to Thailand in September/October and bringing our golden retriever with us. We live in Portugal and the plan was to drive him back to UK to see family and then have him on the same flight as us from UK to Bangkok. I thought I had all the injections/paperwork sussed but have just noticed that he must be in the country of export (which I guess is UK) for six months. Obviously all his previous injections etc on his PETS passport will be from Portugal and not UK (other than his export certificate from UK and his final injection before he goes to Thailand)does anyone know if the six month condition is rigorously enforced at BKK - or whether there is a waiver opportunity available from the authorities given he will coming from Portugal which like UK is in the EU? Grateful if anyone can help!

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We arrived in Bangkok on Friday and during a furniture delivery yesterday, one of our cats disappeared. I will make flyers in English and Thai to distribute but what else can I do? Are there authorities to contact? The neighbors have been very helpful but nobody has seen him. We have searched the building and the neighborhood already... He is micro chipped. Thanks in advance.

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How come there are hundreds of stray dogs kept at my local temple. They seem to have made a home there but the barking disturbs the peace for the whole area, including my apartment.

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Looking for a good quality post that will last longer than a few weeks? Any pet shops sell them in Bangkok?

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We don't have much space (9th floor!) but my daughter is mad keen on getting a pet. Anyone else been in a similar situation and found a pet that's happy and doesn't require much work? Thanks.

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I know they eat mosquitoes but they're taking over and I'd like to get rid of them. Any humane ways and failing that anything that works.

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This grand evening of fine food, great wines, auction and entertainment is a Charity Benefit for SCAD Foundation (Soi Cats and Dogs). Join six of Bangkok's finest chefs for a sparkling wine reception and dinner, at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. This year we introduce a live auction, and have fantastic lots donated by our very generous sponsors. The auction will be an exciting event featuring our guest auctioneers, Andrew Biggs and Natalie Glebova.The live auction will take place during dinner, you can enjoy the food and wine and between courses we will present the auction lots, with fun and fanfare! http://www.wineharvestdinner.com/

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How dangerous is a scratch or bite from a stray cat? We seem to have "adopted" one that hangs around with big eyes and now we've started feeding it as well. My daughter loves him but I don't let her touch, because I'm paranoid about the cat suddenly scratching her in case she gets some horrible disease. Am i right to be so paranoid?

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Anything I should know or is all the paperwork required the other end?

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Hi I am a pet lover from India. I am planning to visit to bangkok to buy a pair of puppy for my home. I want to understand what would be average cost of puppy of small or medium breed ( e.g. beegal, english bulldog or any other breed). Buying from Bangkok will save my money? Also any other suggestion for carring pets with me from Bangkok to Mumbai. Do we need specific cage? Do we need certification / any paper work? I have to pay extra money to carry a puppy with my baggage to Airline? You can reach me on lineshthakur777@gmail.com

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Healthy English Bulldog puppies now available and currently having all their vaccines upto date,they are of champion bloodlines and full blooded,they have good temperaments with Kids and other domestic pets.contact me for more details at (ladygina1990@yahoo.com)

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I'd like to buy an exotic pet from Chatuchak but I would also like to make sure it’s not an endangered species. Obviously not expecting an honest answer when I ask the person selling me the pet, is there any other method of checking?

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I would like a tortoise to live in my backyard. My backyard is medium sized with a pool in it (i would figure out a way to keep the tortoise out of the pool. Where can I purchase a tortoise in bangkok?

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I'm a bit of a beginner with dogs so forgive any stupid questions! What's the best way of keeping dogs flea free? I have just bought a flea collar and I was wondering in advance whether it actually works or not?

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Cathay Pacific bans flat-faced dogsHong Kong – Flat-faced canines can no longer fly Cathay Pacific. And their feline friends need to make other travel plans, too.http://www.eturbonews.com/24084/cathay-pacific-bans-flat-faced-dogs

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Hello everyone, I might be moving to Bangkok with my dog, ~40 kg mix, 3 yrs old. I have read all the info regarding paperwork/travel info/(rather non-)walking facilities, thanks to the people who took the time to post all this useful info. My concern at this point is to inquire on how other dogs relocated to Thailand have adjusted to the climate. Mine (like most dogs I guess) seems to prefer the cold to the heat. Any info would be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot

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Hi all! Is there anyone reading this that has successfully taken a cat to Thailand and gone through all the processes, trials and tribulations! If so it would be great if you could share any information. 1000 thanks to anybody who takes the time to write something!!!

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