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Hello any opinion in buying a pet tags for our pets? Is it necessary in Thailand because in UK I think it is a law.

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Do anybody know where I can get pet cremation jewellery? I know you can get tiny gold / silver vials for ashes but I was hoping to find something that's less generic and more pet like.

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I’d like to take in a cat, not bought from a pet shop. How would I go about that?

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Are gerbils a suitable pet to keep in Thailand? And if so, where can I find them for sale?

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I have just started animal communication and have run out of pets to practice with. If you would like to have me communicate with your pet, please contact me directly.

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Does anyone know where to get metal pet tags engraved? Our condo has a cat I care for, I just want to make sure if she ever got lost, kind people will bring her back. I'm not planning to spend huge amount on a fancy pet collar from Siam Paragon, I just want an address engraved on a metal tag.

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Where can I find natural organic gourmet dog food in Bangkok?

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Where to find a healthy puppy to buy? Sorry no strays, but a good breed and healthy puppy ... are there any good pet shops?

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anyone out there have experience taking dogs to bangkok. Advice about costoms, transport best airline ect would be appreciated

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I have rescued a kitten a few weeks ago called Marmalade. She was about 10 weeks old and is now about 14 weeks old. She has had her vaccinations and booster and in a couple of weeks I will be getting her spayed. She is a really friendly, healthy kitten who loves the company of people and other cats. Unfortunately I can't keep her as my own cat can't be with other cats so she lives in my spare room at the moment. She was with another older kitten who has since been adopted. She's very playful and is fully litter-box trained. I'm looking to find her a forever home or even somebody who is willing to foster. I am happy to pay for the cost of getting her spayed should you wish to take her before that is due. Please call Abbie on 0870070413. She is at my home in Wittayu Road.

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We appreciate for helping your request about moving pet animal into Eu countries groups Please look at the website http://www.antibodytest-thailand.com/

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Being in Bangkok over the weekend I was appalled seeing 3 tiny puppies tied with plastic strings to a guy lying on the pavement close to Nana Bts. The puppies were obviously desperate. They were crawling over the man trying to nibble his clothes in search for food. I turned my head away and passed them. However, back at my hotel room I couldn’t stop thinking of the pups and finally went out in the middle of the night with some milk for them. But a woman, obviously high on drugs, wouldn’t allow me to give puppies the milk. As it was several hours later, the small creatures were obviously suffering from the hunger. They were lying around, apathic and weak. Though one of them smelled the milk that I had put on the ground and tried to crawl towards it. When he finally reached it, the woman took the milk and tossed it away, smiling, with totally vacant eyes. I looked at the puppies starving to death, much too young to be without their mother. Then I went in and bought a pair of scissors in a 7-11 shop, and got a sturdy plastic shopping bag from a street seller. I cut the puppies strings and put them in the bag. Fortunately an organization will find proper homes for the puppies. But this can not happen until they are a bit older, and have been neutered, fully vaccinated etc. This will be when they are approximately 3-3,5 moths old. In the meantime the pups need to be in a caring foster home. I am thinking that this would be great for a family/person who are not prepared to take on the long-term responsability it means to adopt a dog, but at the same time would like to enjoy the companionship, affection and amusement that pets bring. Fostering puppies is especially rewarding. I so hope that someone wants to help these tiny pups by providing them with a safe haven for a few months, until they are ready for adoption. If so, I will of course pay all costs involved in their care. The puppies are only 5 weeks old and of course totally adorable!

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I have rescued two adorable ginger and white kittens - one is 10 weeks old and female and the other is male approx 8 months old. The male has been neutered (the female is too young) and both have started vaccinations. They are lodging in my spare room but I have another cat who can't be near other cats so they can't stay with me long term and they are just 'too sweet for the streets'. If you are interested then let me know and we can arrange an introduction. Location: Wireless Road. They can be adopted together or seperate.

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A couple of warnings based on very recent official and unofficial conversations. First, many people don't realise that pets going to the UK from Thailand STILL have to go into 6 months' quarantine REGARDLESS of whether they have Pet Passports. If your pet has a Pet Passport, meaning it's been (in this order) microchipped, vaccinated and blood tested, with a 3 month waiting period after receiving a good result from the blood test, it can go straight into OTHER COUNTRIES IN EUROPE (and living there for 6 months, it can go on into the UK); BUT if it travels to the UK from Thailand, it's got to go into quarantine. The UK still has different laws from Europe. I'm stressing this because I've found a lot of people have a vague idea that the law changed and the Pet Passports make everything easy. Yes: but NOT FOR ENTERING THE UK FROM "UNLISTED COUNTRIES". You can check those out (basically countries like Thailand where rabies is endemic) on the DEFRA site. The other thing is that, although the official DEFTA website continues to list several acceptable ports of entry for your pet, UK quarantine kennels and removals firms here in Bangkok have been warned that there is a strong possibility that FROM 1 OCTOBER THIS YEAR, THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE PORTS OF ENTRY WILL BE LONDON HEATHROW OR LONDON GATWICK. The animal must then (as now) travel to its kennels/cattery by road, which would mean an extremely long journey for some. No more Manchester, Edinburgh and so forth. So if you're planning to take a pet back soon, check on this with your removal firm right away.

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My dog is frequently scratching herself until she bleeds, she seems to be allergic to something. The vet just gives her anti-histamine pills, but I'm not sure this will be good for her in the long term. Has anyone got any ideas of what else I could do? Martha

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We have a 2 year old male Golden Retriever and we are looking for a female Golden Retriever for mating. We are located at sukhumvit soi 19. How do we go about it?

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Are there any laws about taking a dog on a beach? I am thinking about buying a dog but I don't want to if I can't take him on the beach at weekends. There doesn't seem to be much restrictions on owning a dog in Thailand but I just wanted to double check.

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Hi all, Anybody know where I can buy an airline travel box for a dog....in Bangkok?

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Where can I find a shop that has an interesting variety of tropical fish on sale and can also tell me a little bit about the fish and how to look after them in understandable English?

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I'm looking to adopt a rabbit locally. Does anyone know anywhere there are shelters for small animals besides cats & dogs? Also I would be happy if anyone living in Bangkok who is willing to spare their rabbit cage and accessories. I know they don't cost much but I believe in Freecycling.

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