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Looking for a good cause to support? Want to help animals in Thailand? Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) www.warthai.org

started by: jac-mou · last update: 1270907000 · posted: 1270575384

where can i find a good pet shop that sells healthy parrots?

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Is the International Dog Show coming to town again this year?

started by: Suevin · last update: 1264590326 · posted: 1260472485

Hello Where can I find a hamster and cage that will be disease free?

started by: sum mi · last update: 1264077460 · posted: 1262789482

Hi all, are there any cat boarding kennels in Bangkok run in a clean and disease free way? My usual cat minder is away and I have a week away coming up soon. Thanks.

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Does anyone know of a vet in Bangkok who is willing to put a pet down? Most of the vets I have gone to ask won't do it because it goes agains Lord Buddha's principles. A few will do it but only if the pet is unable to walk into clinic on it's own.

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I'm moving to BKK and want to bring my dog. Will the dog need to be quarantined for awhile? Thanks!

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is there a pet shop in the emporium for food and accessories?

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Absolutely adorable, very loving and playful black male kitten needs a home where he will be loved and looked after. He is roughly 8 weeks old and has loads of affection to give in return and is a wonderful character. He is completely litter trained and is great with kids (i have two aged 6 and 11) and if we didn't live in a no-pets condo I'd keep him myself :-( I have pictures I can email to you if you'd like to see him. Here's hoping somebody can help him! Mel

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I have three rescue kittens, all about 5 weeks old. Two black, one tortoise-shell & white. They desperately need homes! Telephone 08606 700 37 (Bangkok) Thank you :-)

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Are there any dog shelters that have dogs available for adoption. It would be nice to do my bit to reduce the number of strays on the streets of Thailand, short of actually finding a dog on the street.

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Are the following vet medicines available in Bangkok?Heartgard or Revolution for dogsFrontline PLUS for cats and dogsRevolution for catsIf not, are there alternatives and what might they be?Thank you very much for your help.Wagslead

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looking for a siamese kitten, to keep me company in a condo where pets are not allowed!! well I am on the 39th floor so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Hello there, I live in Siem Reap in Cambodia and i'm looking for a doberman dog. I would be interested in any dog upto 4 years old as i will be re-training him in personal protection. If any one knows of a good breeder or has a doberman that they want re-homing please contact me, Also if anyone has any information about getting a dog over the border from Thailand (that doesn't involve a bribe) that would be great. Thanks, Danny

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I think this deserves a new post all for itself! http://www.thailand-dogshow.com/en/index.php

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Hello, are there any dog walking home service in Bangkok? Or am I being too hopeful!

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Hi everyone, i have a female chihuahua (brown tan) ready for breed. Please contact me if you are interesting in. Best regards

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Hi there, I have 2 male chihuahuas ready for breed(Browntan and black) please contact 0892007787 if you have a female.

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Does anyone know if a service providing no-anesthesia teeth cleaning for dogs and cats would be needed in Thailand? We are based in US but travel extensively & are considering relocation to TH. We see that many expats have pets & am wondering if dental care is a concern. Our web site is HoundstoothDental.com if anyone wants more info. Any input would be greatly welcomed. Thanks DaliHoundstooth n2healthy@juno.com

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We have a very noisy animal that seems to be living in our ceiling, it doesn't make any noise in the day ... but at night it really gets going. It's difficult to describe the noise .... almost like an incredibly loud frog .... but I was hoping the above description might be enough for some to tell me what it might be and whether it's dangerous!

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