started by: Liisa-450974 · last update: 1236964689 · posted: 1235601417

The smartest, cutest and most amazing little Imbu kitten is looking for a new loving home due to owner's overseas relocation.He is fully vaccinated and dewormed, litter trained and absolutely adores people!He is white and brown calico coloured. Liisa

started by: kovolski · last update: 1236951679 · posted: 1236172492

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good day or weekend trip to take with a dog? Our dog is used to frolicking in the New England woods so we're looking for some kind of Thai substitute. Papzok

started by: Mum1-450500 · last update: 1235395836 · posted: 1234114023

How much of a problem is rabies in thailand, how about in cats? I've always been very nervous about the stray dogs but should I be concerned about rabies as well?

started by: Vicky68 · last update: 1234075371 · posted: 1233142501

We would like to find a good home for our tortoise before we leave Bangkok in March. Very friendly, clever, healthy and kid friendly!

started by: jim.james · last update: 1230976411 · posted: 1230728814

A stray cat has adopted our house and family, but I don't want her to be a permanant fixture. Are there any organisations that take in strays?

started by: sheciel · last update: 1228817193 · posted: 1228817193

PUG 2 and half month old male puppy is waiting for his new parents. very friendly, healthy and well trainned. We've been growing our pugs sins his g-grand parents till now (about 9yrs already) adoption fee is only 5000baht (IT is cheap because we are honestly looking for a good*2 parents for our baby puggy) t. 0890358715 e-mail. sheciel@hanmail.net (prefer mail)Hi, i'm kaira in bangkok I can speak french ,english, korean, and bit of japanese and spanish I'm looking for my dogs new parents

started by: KayJay-448742 · last update: 1228459571 · posted: 1228310297

Hi all, is a terrapin a good animal to keep as a pet or are there any practical or other reasons why I shouldn't consider it?

started by: Kioto · last update: 1227800501 · posted: 1211641376

I would like a pet that is both unusual and exotic, but not illegal. Any suggestions?

started by: Corrine-449655 · last update: 1225035472 · posted: 1224867425

There is a pack of stray dogs close to where I live that are driving me crazy at night with barking. Any solutions for what I could do to solve the problem?

started by: CrickIT · last update: 1224757815 · posted: 1224514653

Are you allowed to walk a dog in all or any of the Bangkok parks? If not, where are some good places to take the dog for a walk?

started by: mags-448311 · last update: 1223038548 · posted: 1222805893

Hi, We are looking for a cat sitter for when we go away. We live in Senanikhom/Ratchayonthin area. You could come to our place or our cat could also come to yours. Our cat is very sweat. Many thanks, Magalie

started by: triz@bigfoot · last update: 1221814162 · posted: 1221510967

Hi all, have just moved up to BKK and need to find a good vet for my lovely cat. Location not so important as I'm willing to travel for the right vet. Any suggestions please?

started by: Kazziz · last update: 1220518955 · posted: 1220367096

Hi, I live in Chiang Mai but need to come to Bangkok for three months for business. As I don't want to leave my dog behind does anyone know of a pet friendly serviced apartment?

started by: bryanlow · last update: 1219530780 · posted: 1218941110

I just moved to Bangkok and like to know where I can find help to home sit my Maltese - 6 hrs, 4 to 5 times a week? Actually nothing much to do, just have to stay in my place as my dog feels insecure in the new environment and barks a lot when left alone. Thanks! Bryan

started by: Hugo1958 · last update: 1219507884 · posted: 1219250459

Hi...I think my dog may have picked up ticks but I'm not entirely sure? How do I tell for sure....small black animals? If they are ticks, is there anything I can do or should I just visit the vet? Thanks for any help

started by: bryanlow · last update: 1219059008 · posted: 1218940650

Hi all, I've just moved to Bangkok with my Holland Lop rabbit and am trying to look for pet shops/vets that do grooming and sell rabbit food/hay. Except very limited selection of rabbit food/hay in Chatuchat and some pet shops, I still can't find any grooming services yet. I would appreciate if anyone can advice me in this area. Thanks! Bryan

started by: butterfly123 · last update: 1218193713 · posted: 1217779044

I had always presumed the large scorpions they have in Thailand are not dangerous compared to the small and deadly ones you find in the middle east. But as I'm not 100% sure, I thought perhaps I should check!

started by: vine.igar · last update: 1216979864 · posted: 1216057141

Hi ... Are there any legal issues if I wished to have a small dog in my condo. I know that many management companies don't allow it, but are there any laws that say you can't keep pets in a condo?

started by: dion-in-pataya · last update: 1215613353 · posted: 1215461771

Hello anyone in Bangkok or anywhere else that can answer this question! I've just been given a very cute little puppy, which is a bundle of fun, but is very keen on biting my favourite items of wooden furniture. Any suggestions on how to stop this, I tried asking at the local pet shop but didn't get very far.

started by: S.Perkins · last update: 1214307582 · posted: 1214255597

Is the procedure for bringing a cat to Bangkok from overseas basically the same procedure as for a dog?

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