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I'm looking for a hotel in Hua Hin that will allow me to bring my dog along for a weekend stay. Any ideas? Martha

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Looking for a very good specialist pet food & supplies store here in bangkok? Not had much luck so far!

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I'm not expecting a positive answer to this one, but I was wondering if there was an institution or special animal clinic that would allow you to bring in distressed animals, to prevent them from dying and take care of them? My mind turned to this question as there is a nest in the tree outside where we live and the mother seems to have gone missing. I've never heard about a place to take distressed animals in Bangkok, but thought possibly such a place may exist? kerrie

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Does anyone know if the law for using microchips on domestic dogs ever came into force? I heard something about this last year but not heard much since? Framed and Set Up in Thailand

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I'm looking to buy a small fish tank, accessories and some fish. Any ideas where the best place is to get one? Jam

started by: breeze-447943 · last update: 1209319981 · posted: 1207259707

I'm moving soon to Singapore and wanted to know the rules in both Thailand and Singapore for taking a dog out of Thailand and into Singapore. Will it be possible and is it difficult?

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There are a lot of stray dogs that have recently moved into our Soi. They are a real nuisance and one of them is very aggressive. Is there any government agency that you can contact to do something about this? PJ

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Hi, I'm looking for a good dog sitting service in Bangkok, where I can leave my dog while doing some shopping. Does such a thing exist? Thanks.

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I'm looking for a good vet for a poodle in or close to the Sukhumvit area? Any ideas anyone? Gemma

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I've just arrived in Bangkok and would like to get something to keep me company? Can anyone recommend a good pet I could keep that would keep happy and healthy in Thailand? I'm fortunate enough to have a small house and garden as I live a little bit away from the centre of Bangkok, so I've got a bit of space. Is a dog or cat the only answer or possibly something more exotic? Jam

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I've just moved from France to Bangkok. I left my dog in France with some friends because I heard it was very difficult to bring a dog into Thailand? Now I'm here, I'm trying to find out whether it's as difficult as it appears. Any experiences that anyone else has had would be very useful, thanks. Perhaps I can have my dog over here after all!! Jam

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I just read in the Bangkok Post that all dogs in Bangkok are going to require registration and microchips. They are starting this weekend. This is a great measure introduced by the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority and will eventually help to reduce the number of strays. Martha

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Anyone would like to take a very sweet puppy into their homes, please contact me by email. Martha

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Hello, I've got a bit of spare time and was wondering if anyone knew an organization I could do some voluntary work for. Preferably something to do with helping animals, especially dogs or cats that can seem to get a hard time here in Thailand. Martha

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Does anyone know the rules about dog ownership in Bangkok? I want to buy a poodle and need to know whether there are any rules etc to follow. Any help much appreciated. Gemma

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