5 a side football pitch

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I am organising a 5 a side friendly game and need to find a suitable pitch? Can anyone help?

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petejames 1240433859

There are a few around, even an air conditioned one out near Bang Na. They've just opened a new one on Nonsi road close to Central on Rama III.


Website is all in Thai I'm afraid, but a football pitch is a football pitch!

owen-447239 1241202763

The one on Bang Na is called S One close to Central. O2 7467433.

First Day 1241466537

Thanks for the input.

S Sugden 1247523540

Hello to all, are there any organised leagues in Bangkok where a few xpats play?

afro_st 1252370537

There is a new place that looks good at Thonglor 10- maybe called Arena10.
I'm also looking for someone organizing either a league or open nights. Maybe
a club with 12 people coming each night. anyone?

owen-447239 1252583410

There are a couple of regular leagues both with a good mixture of Thais and expats playing. Casuals and Veterans, if you contact the organisers they should be able to help you. http://www.somtam.com/ & http://www.vetsleague.com/

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