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Chica Chico



I have an adventurous friend coming to visit soon and want to suggest some good things to do. Any suggestions for things to do, in or close to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand? I’m thinking along the lines of bungee jumping or something more interesting, not a visit to Patpong!

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NewinBKK 1249062474

Hiya Chico! is koh Chang close enough. You could try the Tree Top adventure park there?

mcloughlin-447980 1249140532

Someone asked a similar question a while back and got some interesting ideas. My own contribution was the Paramotor school ... if your friends are brave enough!

Amy-448913 1249385808

Hi, you can find some more ideas in our business directory in the Adventure Sports, Days Out: Trips & Tours and Amusement, Leisure Parks & Zoos categories.

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