Anybody want to play futsal ?

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HI i'm looking for couple of guys who wants to play futsal(mini football)...i need about 5-6 guys in my team. i already got 3 including me. I need 2 or 3 more guys. We play regularly once or twice a week. I need a Midfielder, a Striker ...and a goalkeeper. Doesn't matter which country you're from. I need guys from 17 to 23 years old. If you're any interested please E-mail me on Thanks.

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owen-447239 1192668151

I think I'm a bit too old for your team but anyway what is futsal?! Is it Thai football?

gennady28 1192668242

It's a "mini football"

owen-447239 1192712386

What's "mini football"? Is it like 5 a side football?

Marcus-447201 1192714745

Is it the same as Sepak Takraw?


gennady28 1192743659 (this is futsal....and this is where we usually play)

gennady28 1192744215


owen-447239 1192802591

Thanks for that. It looks good fun but probably a bit too much for an old guy like me. Hope you find some players though.

Have you thought about putting a notice up in one of the universities? Should find some keen players there and the right age.

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