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Hi everyone, I am moving to Bangkok in November as my boyfriend has moved his company over there. I want to keep busy, does anyone have any suggestions, i think it is hard to get a job is that right? i have looked into the local gym which is true fitness, which should keep me fit! but i was looking for something that will introduce me to new people. would appreciate any feed back!! thanks george

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There's lots to do in Bangkok and I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. It's a great city, slightly mad in places but still with all the home comforts if you want and have the money for it.

Work isn't easy to find but not impossible if you're proactive and network. Work permits are more difficult but if you get a job with a good company they'll organise it for you.

On the social side, there are lots of clubs, gyms and other places where you will meet new people. It all depends what you enjoy!

Hope this helps a little.


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I like the British Club and I met a lot of people through my local Pilates class. But there is all sorts of things going on, it just depends what you enjoy?


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thanks for the replies girls, thats what i was thinking that i would join the local gym where abouts is the pilates class you go to angie? i am keen to get into both pilates and yoga, was going to join true fitness as it very close to our house, have you heard much about it?


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I go to the Pilatestudio in Nontaburi which is a bit out from the centre of Bangkok. I think they have two other branches closer to the centre you can find them on this site;

Not heard about True Fitness, sorry. But there is a huge choice in Bangkok and if it's no good just join another one!!


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I go to True Fitness in Exchange Towers. Really good, excellent equipment and nice people.


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