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Does anybody go camping for the weekend from Bangkok? If so where are good locations and anything to watch out for? I presume the mossies are a nightmare!

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BlueCat-450727 1236755717


in all the national parks there are areas specifically for camping....not sure whether you can go off on your own and camp within the park?

Tilda_End 1236842982

Hi BlueCat...can you just turn up and pitch your tent? It would be good to find out if its possible to camp anywhere in the parks? Any other ideas?

mayhasoc 1236951797

Most national parks have camping grounds but the entrance fee for foreigners keeps me way...

MizTake-449318 1237145011

I think you have to stick to the camping grounds ... but there is a good website which might tell you more.

Tilda_End 1238687377

I still haven't managed to find out if you can travel and camp independently in the national parks .... would most appreciate it if someone knows the answer.

charlieclarke 1258405577

Hi Tilda - did you ever find out a good place to go camping within reasonable reach of bangkok? Also, does anyone know where I cam buy a family size tent (with two compartments)? Thanks

charlieclarke 1258405726

oh...i just understood your name !! ... am new to this sort of thing...!!

NZ f.y.e 1258463819

Hi, i would stick to the national parks as there are a few within a days drive of Bangkok and they offer some great scenery and camping. If you ask at the park headquarters where you are allowed to camp, they will let you know whether you can camp anywhere or if you have to stick to the designated camping areas. I think every national park has different rules.

Which one to visit? Khao Yai...of course, but others include Kaeng Krachan close to Hua Hin, Khao Laem in Kanchanaburi...I think you can even camp on Ko Samed and Ko Chang!

charlieclarke 1258492961

thanks very much for the advice...all i need now is the tent and a pair of earplugs to muffle the sound of the kids before dawn...!!

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