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Can anyone recommend the best airline to fly to London? I used to travel BA all the time but the flights are always packed. I tried Lufthansa which was OK but had to get a connecting flight from Frankfurt. Anyone got any recommendations?Golfer1

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Thetyim 1191059216

Try Eva Air.

Golfer1-447188 1191074268

I've never tried Eva before. Thought they were a budget airline? I'll have a look at the website and might give them a go.


Thetyim 1191100384

I always liked Eva Air.
I used to buy an economy ticket and then pay a bit extra to get a business class seat.
I don't know if they still do that deal as I haven't left Thailand for a few years .

Golfer1-447188 1191255309

Did you get the upgrade at check in or before the day of the flight?


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