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Hi, We are coming to thailand from mid dec to mid jan, with our almost two year old boy. We want to completely stay away from the very touristy package tour places and big resorts, preferring low key A very simple bungalow on a beautiful beach, the less people the better. We would like to see a bit of the north too, but mainly sea & sand (& delicious food ...can't wait!)Can anyone recommend any places that you think would fit?thanks for any suggestions!

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I always like Koh Samui. I know it's full of tourists, but it's big enough that if you travel away from the main tourist centers, you can still find some peace and quiet. If you want it really quiet you can travel off to one of the surrounding islands, but if you feel like a bit of nightlife or shopping you can head into town.

I'm sure there are a lot of places you'll enjoy, have you tried looking at the Rough Guide which always gives a fairly accurate picture?


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Yes I have a rough guide (which I have found EXCELLENT for other places!)
I would like to go to koh Samui, but reading about it seems REALLY touristy. But I 'll go there & do as you say. Can you suggest a place there? Around Krabi souns lovely too...

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I was in Koh Samui last New Year and I have to say it is getting more difficult to find places that don't have any tourists especially at peak times like Christmas and New Year. Still, it's a beautiful place, just try and ignore the rest of the crowds! Anyway, it's nowhere near as bad as Spain or the Riviera yet!!


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