Visiting on holiday November 14th to 28th

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We're travelling to Thailand from our home in France in November. WE spend time in Bangkok and Chang Mei. Any tips of cheap shopping in Bangkok? Good places to eat? Places to avoid? We are on a fully inclusive holiday which includes amny trips but we do have a couple of free days so it may be possible to meet a few people if there's anywhere people tend to gather. Really looking forward to the holiday!

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Marcus-447201 1189322812

Hello Dreamer,

Best places in Bangkok are around Sukhumvit and Silom - plenty to do and eat. Only problem is somtimes it feels like you've not left your home country there's so many "farang" around.

Chatuchak is the best place to shop for bargains but you need plenty of energy. Keep a close eye on your valuable as well, there is petty crime, but generally it's a safe place to go. Suan Luam Night Market is also good a bit less exhausting than Chatuchak!

Chiang Mai is also great for shopping expecially for art and furniture.



Angie-447194 1189357934

I went to Coyote (Mexican restaurant) on Convent Rd last night. The Margerita was excellent and the food was bad either!


Sarah-447204 1189498860

Hi all,

I went to a great restaurant last night on the river called Good View Bar & Restaurant.

It's in the AngloFILE on this site;

Good food, live music and the view was ok as well!


dreamer-447231 1189560991

Cheers folks, that's really helpful! Guide books are good but like a lot of people we like to sample life like the locals do.

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